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What salads to make for a holiday? Tasty and beautiful!

January, perhaps, the most festive month. Series of holidays: New year, Christmas, Epiphany. And also winter vacation, which now not only at school students, but also at adults. Rest - it is fine, but for hostesses it is problems: what to prepare, than to please the family.

There is a wish something tasty, useful and inexpensive. Money for New year, is spent for gifts so much. And salary not soon. We do not mention category of the readers gaining daily income.

I will dare to offer several salads which will approach any holiday and the day off.

Snow of Siberia Salad

In Siberia snow, a frost and a blizzard - not in wonder. However, something prompts to me: and in a midland of Russia - it is not surprising any more. Global warming is available. But whatever occurred in the world, the country, personally at us - we precisely know that after winter the spring will come. For now ahead long winter road.

We prepare for Christmas, we cook tasty, useful and beautiful salad with the beautiful name: “Snow of Siberia“. For those who observe the Nativity Fast it is possible not to use meat products in salad. From it taste of salad will not become worse.


beet - 3 small;
prunes - 50 g;
cowberry - 1/2 glass;
sausage or ham - 250 g;
onions - 1 piece;
pine nuts - 1/2 glass;
mayonnaise - to taste.

Recipe of preparation:

to boil beet, it is better round than the small sizes, to cool, on a large grater to rub;
to cut smoked sausage or smoked ham straws;
prunes to wash out, clear of stones, to cut straws;
to cut onions small;
to add the cleared pine nuts and cowberry;
to mix everything and to dress with mayonnaise.

Good luck!

Gran - at Salad

Bright, elegant, tasty. Salad is not difficult performed by, does not demand special financial expenses, and at the same time low-calorie beautifully looks.


of egg - 3 pieces;
potatoes - 3 - 4 pieces;
of grenades - 1 piece;
onions - 1 piece;
olive oil - 3 tablespoons;
the Narsharab sauce - 1 tablespoon

the Recipe of preparation:

to boil eggs, to take a little in cold water, to clear, cut;
to boil potatoes, to clear and cut in cubes;
to cut red onions rings;
to mix salad, having added pomegranate grain;
to fill with olive oil and garnet sauce;
to decorate with parsley or fennel. I Wish to

health and bon appetit!

Dream Salad

This salad - a small miracle, dream of a gourmet. Combination of components of salad: grapes, mushrooms and cheese - gives incomparable pleasure.

Salads under such name exists much, but that`s it in such combination personally it is pleasant to me most of all.

Ingredients :

ham - 250 g;
grapes - 1 kg;
walnuts - 3 tablespoons;
onions - 1 piece;
honey agarics marinated - 0,5 l;
mayonnaise - 100 - 150;
salt, pepper, greens on taste;

Recipe of preparation:

we boil eggs, we cool in cold water, we clear and we rub on a large grater;
cheese also we rub on a large grater;
nuts are split small up;
we cut ham straws;
we get marinated honey agarics from banks, marinade is merged;
small we cut onions;
we mix, we add some grape, having left part for ornament;
we dress with mayonnaise;
salt and pepper on taste;

Good luck! I wish good luck to you! Love the family!