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We leave off smoking? As well as by what itself to support …

So, we can have a heap of reasons to smoke also the pleasures “placed“ on smoking process. And here what to do when a body you feel what to smoke better to throw? When the head is turned when from a morning cigarette feels sick when smoking ceased to invigorate and console - and most bothered to smell how the ashtray filled by yesterday`s stubs?

When it is already enough to itself and proved to others that the adult. And more reliable ways proved. And when there is a wish to remember the natural rhythms. To feel energy of the body, to inhale a full breast, having saturated itself with world energiya without poisonous additives. They already are enough in city air.

There are several councils how to facilitate to themselves this process:

1. Agree with somebody together to leave off smoking. Each other you will encourage minutes of weakness or to pristyzhat - on a situation.

2. Think up to yourself the vigorous beginning of day - jog or just walk by a fast pace. If it is still definitely not present, buy a barrel with oxygen and begin the morning with five - six deep, nutritious, awakening where as it is better than nicotine of breaths.

3. At work instead of “smoke breaks“ have a rest the lawful 5 - 10 minutes behind a cup of hot drink which to you to liking. Usually, leaving off smoking, we can replace “smoke breaks“ with “having a snack“. But same the tragedy for “it is incorporeal - the being focused“! And the cup of hot tea or the warmed compote will warm to you “muzzle“ and will hardly add weight. And all nutritionists repeat to us about what to drink - especially when the organism is cleared of nicotinic slags and toxins - very much even it is useful.

4. Build “short flight of stairs“ at the exit of this habit. Refrain from sharp and “unshakable“ decisions. Something like “forever“ and “never“. These words usually very much even warm up our resistance to good intentions. Which too very much are even necessary to us to feel like the person free. So try to agree with yourself - at first “without cigarettes till a lunch“, for example. Then “today I will try day without smoking“. Also you speak to yourself what you try and that you have an opportunity to light at any time. But you try as far as you the truth are strong to operate this process - to smoke or not? Or all - smoking over you the power a visor finally and irrevocably? Or all of you - in forces and the desires of release to the world to attach? And here so - in it approximately a foreshortening - carry on talk with yourself. Without arrivals, well?

Any habit is formed 21 days in the course of daily repetitions. And one more piece. To smoke and the truth in a disgusting way. Truth. Also began to smell, both yellowness, and wrinkles, and a dykhalka refuses - all this maintenance of “smoking pleasures“. Therefore if you hold on 21 days to begin will smoke to you again rather in a disgusting way as well as when you initially began it. And then having begun to smoke, you will cross out the efforts - all these 21 day of purity and release … Or perhaps it is a pity for the efforts here so … in a garbage can lower? And?

5. I think what in gradualness of refusal of smoking to you can here what else to help. If you cease to do smoking by a background for another matters and processes. If to smoke is first of all your pleasure, receive it to the maximum. Concentrate on it, experience its all “fibers“ souls and bodies, you smoke alone. Also you smoke. And here if to whom to talk or just from work it is time to distract, or there to look for something on the Internet, or by phone to be thrown is separate pleasures. It is sure, the requirement exactly will begin to smoke less when you bring her out of the status “background process“ in degree.

6. Well and of course, develop in yourself a healthy visibility. The impudence adapted to situations. To you it is important that you were noticed by others? Try for a start most in itself to begin to identify this requirement. In what situations it is important for you? In contacts with whom and with what?

Also look for other, less aggressive ways to be shown for others and for the world. Without cutting the cheese and environment “exhausts“ of the smoking …