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Why to you to smoke? Traps of process

Yes, here such question. We know that poison that “smoking kills“ - it on packs with cigarettes is written now so largely and such fat, black, menacing font. We know, and on the experience we comprehend that teeth turn yellow, wrinkles “crawl“, “dykhalka“ refuses - and all the same we smoke. With all the pleasure.

Means, during some periods of life the desire to smoke wins against all these “horror stories“. And then from what it for us valuable this desire develop can? I suggest to talk about it.

We begin to smoke, as a rule, at very tender age. And often a cigarette - forgive for common truth - becomes “marker“ of the come maturity. Especially it is right for those from us at whom the parent or parents smoke. “I as the father - I as mother“ - and in making something on - to the adult harmful and forbidden. Well, the child with a sigarette in teeth is a full nonsense and absurdity. Even the visual image of it cannot be put. And here the “smoking“ teenager - yes, as much as necessary. Also it is finished drawing by an unsteady gait, mats through the word - or instead of words, a splevyvaniye everyone a couple of minutes - the organism, likely, so tries to fight against nicotine - and a defiant look around. “Well, you, at last, notice me?!“ It to the world such “message“.

Here it is possible to the following reason at once to pass. When you smoke - people around will notice you where as more likely than when just like that you breathe. Yes, first of all you to yourself remake surrounding space - lighting and dragging on the cigarette, you do the involuntary, spontaneous air exchange with the world by the act of the will. Such peculiar message: “Well now I refuse a passive role in this contact! Here, I have the filter for perception and participation in the events!“ And still you smoke - and you change surrounding their air too. You change them “habitat“ “exhaust“. And it is not pleasant to whom - let will depart! Fine example of passive aggression. It seems just lit - for himself made something - and to people around “nothing personal“. But air to them precisely impaired a little … It is good …

What meanings the habit to smoke can acquire still? For example, “smoke break“ as a legal break in any of a kind of activity. When you work - you work, forgetting yourself, and “I will go, I will smoke“ - such quite reason to stop and take rest. “Rest“ - you feel the root “breath“? And then rest - as “to breathe the and for themselves“ - here reasons which were discussed above very well lay down. And the more and stronger you have a feeling that when you work - that it “on the uncle“ compulsion, the zhelanny - is more pleasant - your “smoke breaks“ will be more tasty.

But here still what trap can be serious in a habit to smoke. When you got used “to support“ your creative processes with a smoke. “Without cigarette the touch is thought“ - often you hear it? If the truth such sheaf strongly was proved in your habit it will be very difficult to smoke, to throw. Since it will be necessary to find other “substrate“ - maintenance to the creative processes. Though here very much and very much the movement helps - read: enrichment of oxygen. But when you smoke, the first that suffers - breath function as food of, the body from energiya and derivatives of air.

And in general smoking a background - and at the same time an important background - for any our pleasant processes becomes very frequent. To communicate to someone - “let`s go, we will smoke?“ And already in an outline of communication it is possible in such... to begin to light minute of conversation, shaky for itself - or just to concentrate on “smoke figures“. And from any subject it is possible to srulit on a subject about “to smoke“ - to divert a subject to the safe course …

of Poserfit on the Internet and to accompany it with a sigarette - why is not present?

There is an opinion that we grab a cigarette in alarm - when are nervous and that smoking calms. And what then in this act - to smoke - can calm?

First of all familiar ritual action. Especially it well works in new and from it situations, already disturbing for us. “To be taken“ for familiar gesture - for the fact that did thousands of times … Then light, of course. Lighter / match spark - here such pass - flash by live fire can respond in our archaic unconscious as “a cave already close“, so, “the shelter is“, and the safe shelter, time can “be burned down a fire“. And warmly. Heat as real physiological mechanism of decrease of energiya of alarm and fear. And still heat of a cigarette and fingers, palms warm to us area around a mouth. “Warming up“ memory of happy infancy. When the mother`s breast or a warm small bottle with milk warmed to us a muzzle, feeding, singing lullabies in a ring of reliable hands.

In unconscious there is no time. And corporal feelings can “lift“ layers of very early impressions. So habitualness of gestures, fire and heat of process can calm in smoking. And just the nicotine mixed with air of our breath and interfering an oxygen exchange excites us …

In general rituality of smoking piece such … special even more. Morning “kick“ to an organism to wake up - a sigarette under a cup of strong coffee. On an empty stomach. Fine beginning of new day. The spasm is such, breakthrough. And the fact that the whole day then strongly disturbing, irritable, quickly you are tired and all around just enrage - it unless is related to a habit to smoke? Yes, still it is difficult to fall asleep, but here it is possible sleeping pill or what else again - to throw in itself - and you will have a sleep then …

We are anxious with “incorporeality“ so now. You want to eat?! Smoke - and appetite the truth will be deceived. An organism it is sensitive will get poisoned - and will cease to ask for some time of a forage. And then, as will get hungry - again to smoke and coffee once again “to cheer up“ - and so till the evening it is possible to stretch … you Feel

how further and further such rituals take away us from natural rhythms, requirements of our body? Sew even souls?