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How to develop abilities to the non-standard solution of problems? The library of experience and courage to risk

A now - is a high time to be developed from the “corporal life“ to a situation of a working order. “Scanning“ of your experience in search of standard decisions can become the following step.

to you should make a start from something reliable and strong in the movement to it is novel to new? And the set of the checked ways of decision of this sort of problems can become the basis for this push. It is possible with it quite and a “cannibal“ way to manage. Remember these lovely stories about our primitive ancestors - “Eat a liver of the brave enemy, and you are a Man of courage!“ Actually elements of magic thinking is a good heritage of generations. And it can really be useful to us.

For example, it is possible to write versions of standard schemes on a sheet of paper and to enclose this leaflet to itself under a bottom, feeling as to your bottom it is safe and strong on it to sit. As your adult part relies on your adult experience successful “there and then“ solutions of this sort of problems.

And here from these feelings of durability of for “fresh“ excitement and disorders, from a dense opportunity to curtail at any time on “the blazed road“ the following step it is quite possible to start “search engine of the new decision“.

And here at me such … strange offers to you. I suggest you “to think of the White Monkey“ - i.e. to look for a solution - for 10 last minutes of each hour. Here felt the absorbed excitement - thoughts - searches - by a quiet human voice you speak to yourself: “Yes, it is necessary and it is important. And I will surely think of it with 9. 50 to 10. 00. For now I …“ And here with what to fill these dots? Yes than it is necessary. And maybe, your intuition will give you the good hint, having oriented desire to be engaged in something that will become subsequently a key in search of not standard.

Of course, your working hours are filled up by a lot of things. But your bottom sits on a strong possibility of permission of the current crisis. And to begin the movement to not standard, it is good really “to move a body“. Morning jog, the pool, beating of a punching bag to throw off surpluses of tension. Here active ways are good. And of course, 10 office minutes of each hour devoted by you to searches of the decision can be spent in the movement - to walk upstairs - to go down or in the office a body to move.

And here the desired moment came - a couple of fresh, live, elastic ideas in your cage! It is time to take the following step. To test possible risks. To correlate freshness and all this “to digest“ “caloric content“ of “catch“ with real opportunities of the current situation and at the expense of it to develop in the best option.

And here it makes sense to you to grant to itself, first of all, the right for a mistake. If you and the truth attend to searches of “the best decision“ - everything, you get stuck in the analysis of possible “bald spots“ forever. What it is possible to lean in this situation on? Yes first of all on experience of “luzerstvo“. If you the living person, then such experience at you precisely are. Another thing is that you with it habitually do? Diligently you ignore it, you seek to forget quicker? You deny? Or in you, in your body, in your life experience, in your Personality there is already enough durability to allow himself it to live? Yes, grieving for the situational insolvency. Yes, with big desire to do without painful repetitions of wrong decisions and actions.

And here I suggest you to take a step very discomfortable at first sight. To retire to space - houses - with all possible attention to the body are better to do it and to experience most authentically a body / to live soul experience of possible failure. Paying attention to safety of a support of your body real here and now - what it could be in your life? Who or that you would be supported at the difficult moment?

And completion of this work there can be such simple, very reliable formula: “I am more, than my current problem. I am stronger, than sometimes I seem to myself in a problem situation. I am richer, than my working role. Life is changeable and many-sided, and step by step I have more and more experience and opportunities to change that in my forces to change, accept what cannot be changed, and wisdom to distinguish one from another“ .

Good luck!