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How to develop abilities to the non-standard solution of problems? A body - in business!

Non-standard decisions … This formula sends us to opportunities and restrictions of personal creativity, to readiness to risk, estimating at the same time possible consequences of the innovative ideas for reasons of “advantage of business“.

Likely, it is one of basic characteristics a top - management, people who can remain multiple and “fresh“ in the decisions, relying on already mastered experience of the opportunities of the current situation and ready to investigate the new, born “here and now“ creative potentialities of the events.

What for this purpose it is necessary? What abilities provide us with opportunities to develop the courage, and as a result “to push“ standard decisions in problem, critical situations? Curiosity, keen interest, readiness to risk, thirst for novel - on these energiya we can be developed to search of the non-standard decision. Also let`s talk about on what “base“ on what “soil“ these fine flowers … grow All new always excites

. And always frightens. When we adults, at us are already library of the “checked decisions“ which were helping out us “there and then“ in problem situations. And the is more senior and we become more skilled, the it is more extensive. And the more temptation is faster to issue the excitement in the habitual, mastered and repeated many times way. Having avoided tension, fear, danger of risk, an opportunity to be mistaken.

Of course, it is possible to be mistaken and in this case, “having pulled out“ a way of its decision, low-suitable for the current problem, from library. But here it will be quite possible to secure the reference on “there and then“ success of such step. And by that to share responsibility for the present with the past. But once, in far - or not really - the childhood, at us such opportunities just were not. We formed the life experience day by day and day by day both the progress, and the defeats directly lived. However at all times children`s curiosity and readiness to investigate new are shown only when in an events background enough safety.

Feelings “it is dangerous - safely“ root first of all in a body. In accommodation its rather strong to take out arousing curiosity and discomfort of frustration if something “goes not so“.

So the attention to feelings of the body at those moments when you “enter“ its field can quite become the first step to search of the new decision in a problem situation. And here it is possible to do the following.

To ensure at least 5, and 10 minutes of the guaranteed privacy are better, up to shutdown of phones. To sit down on a chair with a comfortable back so that as both feet to feel strong and safe support of a floor, hips, a bottom and a back - strong and safe support of a chair, and minute - another it is simple to observe the breath. It will help you “to prodyshat“ tension in a stomach / body, to weaken others “mobilization spasms“, habitual for you. So far release the events. Your task now - to return to itself, to itself, to the strong, reliably located in friendly and safe surfaces body from which the head excited by a situation grows your clever and now. “Scan“ the body, try to experience reality of your legs, hands, trunks, necks, the heads. For this purpose well approaches “to tap“ finger-tips those areas which it is difficult now mentally to attach to itself. When you collect all the corporality in understanding, wonder: where exactly now most of all excitement? How you feel it? And where most of all tension? How it is shown?

distribution of energiya of nervousness - excitement on all the body can become the second step. Here is how it turns out, for example, visualizing waves of heat or color (that which image suits you now), or following the corporal feelings. Here your breath can become the suitable tool. On which wave you can “deliver“ to energy to the areas of the body realized here and now. Remain in this process so much how many to you comfortably now.

researches as far as you can trust safety of the events, the following can become the third step. Remaining in the pictures and feelings, try to tell yourself, without use of not prefixes that your bones, your muscles and other fabrics, your skin - quite such strong “container“ in order that energy of your present excitement could be developed spontaneously in this a situation, new to you.

Yes, it is quite possible that such situations already many times happened in your business life, and it is really difficult for you to believe in its novelty. But for your body, in its infinite process of cell renewal, in its temporary measurement, each next instant of life - precisely new. Try it to catch now. Actually it can become the best cure for boredom “for all times“. A boredom root - safety of eternal repetitions. Yes, without vanity of excitement and explosions of alarm. Yes, with stronger guarantees from mistakes. But it is boring - that as!

Very much I hope that these three steps will help you to strengthen the feeling of safe readiness for deviation from standards...