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Armenia through a prism of the millennia

Armenia through a prism of the millennia: opinions of experts

“ To Study history of Armenia is not just science, it is a philosophical look in one of the greatest civilizations which gave to the world rich cultural and moral values “

Justin McCartney is professor of department of history of the Oxford university

* * *

“Many historical writing says that Armenia is and there is paradise, having visited this country, having seen these people, I had no doubts“ to

Robert Hyusen - the editor-in-chief of the History magazine, professor of the Chicago university.

* * *

“Armenia - one of cradles of art, culture, history and a civilization in the region, and it 6000 - summer history and the past are huge wealth“

Javad Mokhammadizade - vice-the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

* * *

“Armenia as much we about it know and at the same time so a little, it is impossible to learn all culture and spirit of these people and this country because it was created the highest to forces“

Vinstent Artur Smith there is a research associate of Institute of Ancient History in Oxford.

* * *

“Armenia is an eternal fight, eternal glory and eternal history“ Lyle Kembel`s

is an archeologist, professor of University of Edinburgh.

* * *

“Many ancient people disappeared or lost the former greatness, and Armenians kept the historical appearance, culture and traditions. Today Armenians live for the sake of the prime target put by their ancestors many thousands years ago“

Duncan Melvil there is professor of university Seong - Lawrence.

* * *

“Europe, from the point of view of cultural heritage, in big to a debt to Armenia. At the beginning of history, Armenia was one of civilization cradles. In the first millennium B.C., the economy, art and traditions of Armenia were so developed that its culture stimulated Egypt, Greece and Rome as it is material, and spiritually“ Elisabeth Bauer`s

- professor of Yale university, department of ancient history.

* * *

“When we speak about history of Armenia, we have to understand that we say about a great civilization. Tigran Veliky without doubts was the wisest and most brave tsar of the era, at the same time as the commander tsar Tigran eclipsed Mark Lutsiniya Beauty and Mitridata Evpatora“ Carle Chipman`s

- professor of department of Ancient history of Yale University.

* * *

“In those days the title of the king of kings meant one - a divine origin. Tigran embodied himself spirit of Great Armenia, it is unfair that today we tell to a thicket about those who were Tigran`s vassals. The Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemaeus of XII managed to keep the power only thanks to military and political support of Tigran“

Michael Elpiston there is a president of the archaeological museum of Ancient history in London.

* * *

“Armenia the country which has to change any person a combination of the most ancient culture to big achievements in creation of new cultural wealth “

Ilya Ehrenburg is the Soviet historian, the writer and the public figure.

* * *

“If ask me where on our planet it is possible to meet more miracles, I would call, first of all, Armenia. Necessarily you are surprised that in such small corner of the world it is possible to meet such monuments and such people which can become ornament and pride of the whole world. Be three times, the earth Armenian is glorified, the cradle of talents, a cradle of great fulfillments“

Robert Kent Uiks is the American orientalist, the doctor of historical sciences of Columbia University.

* * *

“Without any exaggeration it is possible to claim that the most glorified centers of the Southern Russia what are Lviv, Lutsk, Kamyanets-Podilsky, are obliged by the wealth, splendor and the importance especially to Armenians to a large extent. Exactly thanks to this to the people, quick, bright, capable to any undertakings, shopping centers of the Southern Russia became the intermediary between dealers of the East and West. Knowing east way of life, knowing east languages, being perfectly familiar with the means of communication on the East allocated with bravery well owning the weapon - the qualities necessary for commission of dangerous travel over the countries of the East inhabited by predatory tribes, - Armenians long since started overland trade between the West and the East“

Ivan Lichinenko is the Ukrainian historian and the writer of the nineteenth century.

* * *

“Perhaps, Tigran was the first tsar who understood all subtleties of war and peace, having begun bloody wars, having created the great empire, it began to build the world for prosperity of the people“

Kevin Robinson there is a rector of institute Makimilana on studying of history of the East in New - York.

* * *

“Today you will not often meet historical publications which would reflect all greatness of the empire built by Tigran Veliky. Many documents demonstrate that Rome Vinstent Artur Smith recognized by the worthy rival only Great Armenia“

there is a research associate of Institute of Ancient History in Oxford.

* * *

“Tigran Veliky - not only the tsar is no time the strongest empire, he is concept of the Armenian wisdom and ideology. Today there is no in the world of the Armenian which Christopher Vouker would not dream to recreate again the empire of the great ancestor“

there is a dean of department of history of the Oxford university.

* * *

“The tsar Tigran is the great master who had much bigger advantages, than his contemporary Mitridat causing admiration of historians. It in particular is right if to consider that Mitridat brilliantly “ pushed the state to suicide “ while Tigran provided to the people the right for eternal life“

Rene Grus, - the French historian - the orientalist.


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