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How to look that entrusted you money?

the Director are a person who is responsible for financial affairs in the organization therefore as the director usually choose the person whose body causes associations with the rich person. Thin and mobile people in directors appear extremely seldom and by all means are exposed to criticism for “wastes“, it is as if reasonable they ran business.

If the director is well well-fad, he remains out of suspicions because it seems to his employees as if it does not spend, and only accumulates in himself financial means. Illusion of “accumulation and not wasting“ of means is caused also by peculiar features of the person, in particular the external corners of eyes lowered down. Thus, the impression is made that the person has the closing contour. Besides, this detail inspires in people around illusion that the person was released from own interests and lives only interests of the organization (the last supervision belongs not to me any more, and Page. To Popov, author of the book “Think and Grow Rich in Russian“).

The person to whom entrusted finance will use about lshy trust if puts on glasses. Same reason: points are a one more “heat-sink“ element. In other words, points seem a certain gate which will not allow money “to escape in anywhere“. Directors without points become more often the victims of criticism, and even slander from - for the financial activity and in general without points it is difficult for person to be hit considerable means in the hands.

The spectacle frame is of great importance for career of the chief too. Audit practically does not threaten the person with huge points on a floor - persons, especially if a frame white (it seems, such style is called “eyes of a dragonfly“). At others just bravery will not be enough to take any actions for check of its activity. However, when in establishment other person with the same impressive appearance appears, the era of impunity passes.

Points of the average size with a thin metal frame, or even without frame for glasses (such were at Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev in the period of his greatest popularity), wonderfully inspire in people around that before them the person extraordinary intellectual and acute. Lack of a frame on glasses makes impression as if the person sees everything “on many kilometers around forward“ and keeps everything under control. Insight it as if has no borders. It seems to opponents of such person that that has the whole staff of invisible observers. Similar points on a nose at the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge drive in panic even of the innocent person (by the way, at Beria just the same and were).

Certainly, on real business qualities of the person neither his points, nor the hairdress, nor a figure, nor diction influence unless give to self-confidence. But, unfortunately, people judge others for 90% not on affairs, and on appearance. Therefore, in attempt to intimidate you and to put “a rank below“, present your opponent with a bang, without points, in footwear without heels and fairly grown thin and before criticizing the chief - thin, tongue-tied and without points, think whether it is necessary to do it!