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Why one rule, and others submit? Whether

Thought you of how one landowner could keep thousands of peasants in obedience and fear? How the imperial general could send to certain death the recruits called for twenty five years in the wars not necessary to anybody, except a small group of aristocrats? Let`s slightly open secrets of bossy persons!

Once I happened to read the paper on the leadership nature before the teachers attending lectures at Institute of improvement of teachers. I do not know how now, and then in this organization the most various lectures including entertaining character were given. On my misfortune it turned out that the same company of listeners before it consistently visited lectures of the astrologer, rerikhovets and the psychic and therefore each my word was met with mistrust. It is possible that my absolutely early age was fault to it. The question of one of listeners became deification of action: “Whether you who at our school is the director and the director of studies, on aura over the group photo can define?“

became clear to me: if I tell that I am not engaged in such things, listeners will immediately disperse, and answered pompously: “To determine by aura - it is too simple. And I here can describe your director and both directors of studies, even without looking at the photo!“ Further I approached a board and divided it into two parts. I entitled the first part “Your chiefs“, the second - “Subordinates“, and explained that I will write signs of members of administration and those who in it soon will appear at the left, and on the right I will list signs of those who are not fated to appear in power, but if they appear thanks to casual combination of circumstances there, their board will be short and will come to the end with scandal and exile.

As I wrote down, faces of listeners accepted more and more interested expression. Here and there exclamations began to be distributed: “Yes it is our director!. And the director of studies - that ours quite so also looks!“, etc. One old teacher zaprichitat: “All of us so love our Marya Andreevna, she such good, intelligent person, and her, appears, it is not fated to become either the director, or even the director of studies! Really nothing can be done?“. Then I passed to explanations.

- See videos of various actions: weddings, competitions, school evenings, meetings and banquets. Pay attention that types and behavior of leaders repeat. For example, when on school evenings and meetings it is in turn given the floor to all teachers, almost none of them come to the middle and approaches closely listeners. And here the director or the director of studies so do always. The majority of leaving begins to speak for the course, and the director of studies or the director at first accept a steady pose, then take a view of audience and only then begin the speech even if consisting of a couple of words. Very many teachers, in addition, also look around on the director of studies or the director even if they say some banal congratulation to graduates.

The most important sign distinguishing the director of studies (or the person who is fated to become soon him) from the mere mortal is an ability to loudly utter concordants, and especially sounds “ç“, “c“, “with“, “äü“ and “òü“. The indicator of “the speech of the director of studies“ is the word “do“. If the person says concordants in this word deafly, and something turns out it seems “ãåëàêü“, not to see to it a position as ears. Moreover, to opinion of such person nobody listens and as the strong personality he is not considered. The classical director of studies pronounces this word as “äçåëàòüñü“.

In other words, at the speech of all who are able to order there are “pritsykiyvaniye“ and “prisvistyvaniye“. Noticeable “With“, “H“ and “T“ as if symbolize the increased energy of their owners, whistling pierce you as if a sword, and elastic “H“, “C“, “T“ such people as if push away you from themselves, keeping at arm`s length. It concerns not only directors of studies, but also any successful chiefs who without effort inspire to themselves respect.

People who say concordants smyagchyonno and dimly, seem deprived of the internal force and ability for themselves to stand. These people are “whipping boys“ in any collective, and does not matter at all, loudly they speak or is silent. If you speak loudly, but in your speech only vowels, a grief are allocated to you: people around perceive you as the person applying for a role with which you will not cope. Generally, without bright pronouncing whistling the chief you will not promote.

To achieve “bossy“ “with“, bring a language tip to the basis of teeth, but do not remove it back, to a hard palate. By the way, almost at all people defects of the speech are connected with a habit to remove language back that in turn, is really connected with cowardice. You say alternately “Ç“ and “With“ so that they became sonorous absolutely to the same extent, then work also other sounds until they become provocatively ringing.

By the way, the director and his deputy have to embody different qualities. In the deputy director want to see the active personality capable to monitor observance of an order therefore in deputy directors it is easier for the person having frightening appearance to get. The director of studies or the director have to have not smoothed hair, and are laid so that the hairdress at least rose over the head a little. The forehead should be opened by all means, having combed hair back though the chiefs preferring a short bang “a la Kashpirovsky“ sometimes meet (at a convex shape of a forehead looks very frighteningly). The teachers occupying the subordinated role in office hierarchy always have the long bangs closing a forehead. It is necessary to notice also that the teachers who are not applying for a bossy position are inclined to wear the shoes similar to slippers, and the administration prefers the knocking heels, sometimes with metal heel-taps.

Appearance of the person also influences whether trust him financial affairs of the organization.