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The secret of the poltergeist is solved?

Once in the childhood I read the book of the Czech author Jaroslav Zeke of 1985 of release about travel to Thailand. It was called “In the country of a white elephant“. About Thailand I had an impression as about the country very mysterious. It turned out that all Thais is universal trust in spirits. To such an extent what one room in the house surely is left for otherworldly beings.

That if we had such custom, with ours - that housing problem?! And there even in hotels and institutions one of rooms leave uninhabited! Some make special small lodges for spirits and put them in the yard for protection of the dwelling. “stories from life of ghosts“ are regularly published in the Thai newspapers, and especially often in them it is told about a certain kind of the spirit having an effect with the help … percussions.

After Reorganization various transfers about the mysterious phenomena began, and I with surprise saw transfer about “poltergeists“, as if knocking on walls of houses is similar to the Thai poltergeist. And on September 27, 2003 I dispelled the last doubts concerning essence of this phenomenon.

Business was so. I was in the apartment absolutely alone as suddenly doors at an entrance began to clap so that I thought: “Some elephants go - surely they should leave in a huff!“ I went was to a door to look in a peephole who it there so got noisy as suddenly in a wall with exasperation began to knock. I looked in the direction of a sound, but saw nothing. In a second knock was distributed in other place, then in the third, in the fourth. I stood and listened, without understanding anything. Suddenly the real kicks at a door followed, and I was ready to swear that was kicked by her person. Here I did not sustain and rushed to a door with the purpose to deal with those who do it as suddenly the door to the room began to open and be closed unexpectedly and from a table the cup which before was standing there fell down it is absolutely steady.

I felt unclear dizziness. Lighting for some reason became is more pale, is brighter. I looked at a chandelier and saw that it shakes. Certainly, in couple of seconds I jumped out on the street with shout “an earthquake!“. The neighbors walking on the street noticed nothing and decided that it seemed to me, but after me the old woman from the fourth floor who with amazement repeated jumped out: “I understand that it was an earthquake, but tell: who knocked to me on a wall? There are no neighbors behind a wall the house!“ That knocked, I did not understand. In any case, it was not the furniture. Possibly, knock was made by some fittings in walls, and builders will be able to answer this question better.

At night and next day the phenomenon repeated. The most interesting that full illusion that the human hand knocks on walls was created. In one corner will knock, it is perfect in another, and the place where knocks, never repeats therefore superstitious mind quite could conjecture that “something“ flies over it from one wall to another. Nevertheless, except me and that old woman, knock in our house nobody heard. The reason of it was clear too - directly under our strut there is a foundation defect of which we knew.

For the first time I thought that the poltergeist is a manifestation of local and hardly noticeable earthquakes on June 16, 1990 when in Novosibirsk there was an earthquake of small force, but that day we turned on the TV and the effect of knock was swept not so up. Nobody, except inhabitants of the ninth floors, understood what occurs and if next day on the TV did not report this accident, unprecedented for Novosibirsk, many would attribute the fallen objects and unexpectedly the revealed doors to intrigues of “poltergeists“.

The following episode is very indicative in this regard. After an earthquake on September 27, 2003 I began to keep ringing to friends to share impressions. One my acquaintance from Iskitim, Vasily N., took the call and spoke by the fallen voice: “Forgive, please, but I lie in a bed and to me it is so bad that I cannot speak“. “How?! To you it is so bad that you did not even go outside when the earthquake began?!“ “So it was an earthquake?! - Vasily`s voice instantly became cheerful. - And I - that thought that in me the demon was installed. I lie on a bed, and suddenly, unexpectedly, to shake me the beginning. Oh, I was also frightened! I also did not drink anything the day before. Still lay, was afraid to rise - I think how I will get up, it from legs sshibyot also will shake me again!“ So I would advise scientists who investigate apartments of the people complaining of “poltergeists“ to check

whether there is no their house on the place of a tectonic break and whether knock, for example, of passing of the train coincides over time.