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Where to disappear from sense of guilt?

everyone who once offended native who once spoiled a certain thing had Sense of guilt, and some have sense of guilt constantly - regardless of that, they are guilty actually or not.

Ya itself also long enough carried in itself heavy feeling that I do everything not as it is necessary, and therefore I bring to the relatives and the family one frustration. Once the next explanation for me my beloved relatives as I upset them this time, I caught myself on thought that I - that, oh, damn, am inventive! To whom how not the talented inventor would manage to do so often everything not as it is necessary?

Unexpectedly I realized that I undertake too much. Whether washing it is wine that all are dissatisfied with me? There are people having other opinion on my actions and, eventually, I have in this respect a certain opinion, and it does not lay on my shoulders heavy freight blame at all for the spent time and the “wrong“ books etc., etc. “is useless“. Of course, I do not consider myself by the ultimate truth, happens, I am really wrong. But, you see, it is wrong to to do everything - yes I just talantishche!

It is sure, everyone will have an obliging person - the friend or the relative who will always prompt that here - that you are wrong that all is bad now, on you laid such hopes, and you … And here we pull this suitcase without handle for ourselves, being weighed upon fault for imperfect crimes. But people live the whole lives with this freight, and nothing, do not die. However, most likely, manage to overcome they in yourself this destroying excessive self-criticism, their life could come to other level!

The choice, undoubtedly, behind everyone the. Even it is pleasant to someone, it is always possible to tell that nobody believes in me therefore nothing is impossible to me, I do everything incorrectly, well and other ways to feel sorry for itself, doing nothing on a sofa before a heartless box under the name the TV. Someone will find forces to abstract and listen from outside, to estimate own exclusiveness (“here neighbour`s Mischa already made so and so in life, and you!“) to feel uniqueness (“All in marriage povyskakivat, and you all turn up the nose!“) and, of course, huge talent (in the field of disappointment of foreign hopes).

Not for nothing speak, good intentions laid out the road to hell. Matter of course that all want to bring up the child the most successful, clever and beautiful, to give to prestigious higher education institution, with pride to attend protection of the candidate, and then and doctoral dissertation, to brag to all neighbors of its meteoric career and udacha on the personal front … But, unfortunately, often occurs so that at the child (here surprise!) there are plans, aspirations, dreams, preferences, and they not always coincide with vision of relatives.

Undoubtedly, to opinion of close people it is worth listening, they mean well and from outside sometimes is more visible. Nevertheless in everything the measure is necessary. If your relatives do not suffer from tactfulness, but are subject to a habit to hang on you fault for unrealizable hopes, it is worth keeping the sincere health and to reduce reception of this pill.