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In what real life consists?

Coming back home in the evening, heard conversation of two young maidens in the subway. They greedily shared gossips about the little girl who twists guys as wants, about guys who sleep with everyone, and about a married couple which lives in all this “Soddom“. Having become interested in

, I as then it became clear, heard the description of events of one of a reality - the show so popular on television now. Furtively I carefully made out girls: they were very nice, ideally well-groomed, students of prestigious higher education institution - they managed to discuss also objects - offsets.

I was in perplexity: I can understand when girls briskly discuss the relations, the girlfriends, children, belongings … but show? Game of people moreover and not really qualitative? Really strange.

Having come home, downloaded couple of series and … looked without coming off as if it was the movie which won a set of Oscars. My confidence in own rationality and judiciousness fine reeled. In what the reason? Why the adult thinking person can become interested in something that he on level will be much lower, the reality - show is unless not circus, just instead of animals badly trained actors? It is always simpler to come downstairs, than to rise, isn`t it? Perhaps, the reason in it. But not all so easily go down, many still aspire up, to be quicker, above and stronger, go to the dream. What induces them to stop at such mossy station as a reality - show? Meanwhile it is more questions, than answers.

What occupies bulk of time in our life? Study. Work. House use. Rare sorties with darling or friends. For many it becomes a vicious circle. Each next day is as like as two peas similar on previous, and we precisely know what will be tomorrow. Over time you get used to this monotony, any more there is a wish for nothing, you are tired of the same persons, talk, work. There is no place to receive bright impressions and emotions simply. Subconsciously we try to pull out ourselves from this bog as the baron Myunkhgauzen, working intuitively - one make rows to the darlings out of the blue, others get into a mess in the most unexpected situations, the third find “adventures“ at work, unreasonably spend money and so on. Then we clutch at the head and vainly we try to understand - what for? And, as a rule, we do not find the answer.

Some come home and take in hand magic piece under the name the panel and … disappear from the life, getting at several o`clock to others, filled with bright paints, emotions life. It is so simple - silk, and you are the queen of a ball, for you all guys fight, all is possible, all desires are granted. Having become impregnated with others lives, we have enough patience to live own gray life a day more - to the following series.

So why not cinema, not series? It would seem, from these products of cinematography though something can be taken out for itself and to have a good time, even to identify itself with the main characters. But a reality - show gives feeling of vitality of the events on the screen: come to a casting and become the participant! There are same children as I! They have same problems, the same interests, these are inaccessible stars not some there, they are the presents! Alas, we with pleasure plunge into this self-deception, losing ourselves.

Perhaps, I am not that person who has the right to judge, it is good or it is bad. In some degree it is good, possible even, and has to be - let people will always have a choice: to live life or the stranger. But before to make this considerable choice in life, it is worth learning that we take as far as it is valuable. One hour. Sixty minutes. What to spend for?

I know people who do not feel sorry for the life for the help to others, we often cannot find time even for ourselves, not to mention the family, friends and those who need our attention. I will repeat, not to me to judge that white and that black, but I am convinced that it is possible to find rational grain in everything. For example, to try to study logic of creation of the same show - why chose these actors why they behave so today, tomorrow - differently and so on to make their psychological portraits. It seems that all this is senseless, actually thus it is possible to learn a lot of interesting of the field of psychology, direction.

But is not present, stop! Any ready decisions. What you could spend 60 minutes for to receive bright emotions? The choice for you!