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Pineapple on our table. Than it is useful?

“You eat pineapples, hazel grouses chew! Day your the last comes, the bourgeois!“ - it I remembered a propaganda couplet of Vladimir Mayakovsky from the pioneer childhood for a long time. Still then I disliked pineapple together with a hazel grouse. But this approach did an injustice because at that time I did not chew either some pineapples, or hazel grouses and what these things on taste, I did not know.

But I understood another: time pineapples are consumed by our class enemies bourgeoises, to us - children of the country of Councils - pineapple is alien, klassovo is hated that is it, is not useful.

But, anyway, there took place reorganization and there came market times, and the same burzhuina both on our side of border, and on another, unexpectedly delivered a large number of exotic fruit on the Russian market including pineapple.

Now this brown cone lies in bulk in supermarkets near potato, beet and onions. You want - buy potatoes, overroast it with pineapple. Have a snack on onions and cover all from above with beet salad. But in Soviet period pineapple was inaccessible for the simple buyer. It was put sometimes in a festive set by New year. Or by a holiday of October, or by May First. But not all workers managed to catch this exotic fruit.

Many years later I understood that the propaganda machine of the USSR and here deceived us. Even tinned pineapple turned out such that you will lick fingers. And crude pineapple if to consume it in a ripe look, enveloped a mouth such charm, such unique juice at all, and the nose caught so delightful aroma that pineapple became one of my friends. Moreover, then I learned from physicians that pineapple still possesses also medicinal properties.

In - the first, it is capable to dilute blood . Excess density of blood conducts to difficulty of blood circulation, to an elevated pressure on walls of blood vessels, so and to possible headaches, increase of arterial pressure. Here and to blood clots nearby, and blood clot, happens, comes off walls of a vessel and literally kills the person.

Of course, one pineapple to dilute blood it will not turn out. It should be eaten then so many that you will involuntarily turn into the resident of the African tribe of Moomba - a yumb. But if to combine pineapple with a large amount of drinking water, then it is possible to improve the things with arterial pressure.

In - the second, pineapple contains antioxidants . On the last researches for the solution of problems of aging in the future will be started in large quantities in production of a pill from aging. Antioxidants will become their basis. I do not think that if to burst only one pineapples, then the person will live till 150 years. Then all Africans and Hugo`s inhabitants - East Asia where generally production of pineapples is also concentrated, would be long-livers, and average life expectancy would be the highest in the world there. But the rejuvenating effect of pineapple was noticed still by the ancient tribes of Africa, especially women.

In - the third, pineapple pleases us with ability to better digest food . Here you keep to a diet. On apple. Buckwheat. To a diet traffic light. Left so that rage overtakes you because there was a wish to eat to insanity. You besides go by a stall with fresh belyashes from where the attracting smell of the fried test with forcemeat proceeds. More than you do not control (it is checked on own experience). You rush to a treasured window, you are put inside, nearly you are enough the seller by the scruff, you put to it in a breast pocket of money and right there you are enough a little still some hot belyashes. Almost barehanded you push into yourself a street dish, and the dealer with goggled from surprise splashes lips and shocked is silent.

Belyashes you filled a stomach, so there were stars in the sky. But against a diet the stomach forgot to develop enough gastric juice and to win against layers from belyashes to it oh as it is difficult! As if did not come zavorot guts. And if the stomach is come to the rescue by pineapple, then belyashes will be dissolved - digested.

The matter is that the special piece is a part of pineapple (enzyme bromeline) which stimulates intestines to emit digestive juice. So pineapple improves and facilitates digestion. By the way, bromeline is also in a papaya. But the papaya is less widespread in our shops, than pineapple.

In - the fourth, pineapple - diuretic and the friend of heart . The person approximately for 80% of percent consists of water. There is an opinion that we came not from monkeys at all, and from certain beings that initially lived in thicknesses of world oceans. But sometimes water gives such inconvenience that though dream to become a monkey again. For example, leaving for work, you easily put on boots, and in the evening, nakhodivshis, having drawn, nasemenivshis and nabegavshis, is not able to take off them any more. Hypostasis, means! And pineapple - excellent diuretic. Also it is not necessary to run in a drugstore. If there is hypostasis, then eat bourgeois pineapple and excess water from a body it will banish.

Also pineapple will help and is warm - vascular system. The abundance of water in fabrics forces heart to work stronger, uchashchenny. So, there is a wear. Pineapple - the friend of our heart because, cleaning excess water, reduces loading and wear of our main muscle.

In - the fifth, pineapple us cleans . When we are ill, folk healers often speak: “To you fuck-up! You all zashlakovan! You as a colander through which sifted worm-eaten flour and all baddy remained in you! “ Physicians claim that our organism is capable to self-cleaning and that so-called slags are constantly removed from our body with physiological liquids, and other. But it seems to me that at our ecological situation and the refined food process of a contamination of cages and systems of our body all the same happens. And where there is a dirt, there has to be also a cleaner. As Moydodyr pineapple as it possesses ability to split and remove all unnecessary of an organism can serve in our case.

The weight of a fruit of pineapple fluctuates from 1 to 8 kg! But this fruit is shown not all. Pineapple on taste - it is sweet - sour. It contains lemon and maleic acid and if the person has a gastritis or chronic stomatitis, then it is not necessary to include pineapple in the menu.