Rus Articles Journal

Who there? Your edition!

Summing up the results of year, each edition respecting itself, authors and readers lets out something like a column in which something analyzes or slightly opens a veil over secrets of editorial work. Some kind of Life, so? As you imagine

day of week when you think beforehand? It is sure, many of you still see it pages of the school diary - three days on the left page, three on right, Sunday - somewhere there, unattainable and fine. And I?

I see week a ShZh interface grid: a long cloth where Monday of the current week in the top, and everything that is already published or there, is ahead planned for years - below and on the following pages. Sunday for me - the most opposite day because I should wind a grid down, down, through sixty articles - and at some of them big fields, with comments. Comments - two look: your, dear authors, correspondences with editors, and ours - among themselves. Sometimes we in comments to your articles discuss problems of global editorial scale, most often - we receive scoldings and explanations from the Main thing, and occasionally I write foolish verses there. Because I know that this “comment“ will be read by three other editors - it “will fall“ them to mail, and precisely I represent how at this moment their persons will look. Why? It is simple. We work on your articles every day, day by day, from a grid in a grid - not one, both not two, but not three years …

Ya I know when Irina Lukyanchik when - Inna Mazhor comes to work. I know when Marianna has a minute to be engaged in us - to answer questions, to verify information, to tell which - that about the author with whom we will not begin to cooperate. I know when the left column of the interface is filled with names of articles of green color - accepted by editors to the publication, so - with the checked information, spelling, stylistic... and other other changes. Plus check on plagiarism and registration of the text.

I will select from them that will go to tomorrow`s release, I will double-check myself that the same author did not get to release twice, and then I will begin to work with a grid of articles. I will open each of them and I will feel three more nearby again - the Main thing, the editor who worked with article, and the author. I will stay in your company exactly so much time how many it is necessary to double-check “flaws“, to understand an essence and shades, and then shades and an essence to illustrate article. Sometimes, that after that I will receive the comment from the author with gratitude for the picked-up picture - it will become pleasant to me, the artist I or where? And then the author who will tell that to his article the picture which he cannot understand is picked up and that it in general there does, so - rastak for certain will come. And still I will come into the next interface where I will pick up the read article and I will appoint it in release. If I do not make it, release at midnight Moscow time just will not take place - such here technical feature. And at midnight I will surely check release. So guess where I will look in midnight of new year after peal of bells and the first toast. Yes.

Our magazine is the cultivated office, long ago and very soundly created by Natasha Ivashkevich from within. Over time new features, different useful buttons - as if coolers in corridors are added. But the essence remains to the same, and it is convenient to us. I easily imagine all edition at thin office Xing - is red - green tones. As well as it is necessary: it is visible nobody, and work is humming.

We meet the next year. During collaboration - your articles, discussions, congratulations, competitions, redesigns - through doors of our internal office there passed the huge number of people. About some we cannot remember without smile, other we rejoice as children, and sometimes, being going to open the next article for work, we take seat more conveniently and with delicacies … So, for many years “my“ author whom only I read is published in our magazine. Who? He knows. Also knows why.

... We can guess according to comments your relation to life, texts and to ourselves. And our Main in general sees through letters. Though I have inspirations …

Is unconditional, we have unique skills. As ShZh - for a resource in itself unique, such experts as we - well … look. And though we too long, we chase children, we change the residence and we try though for a while to go on leave - we come back and we work with one perfected structure. I even thought up the name of our edition - “Special group “P““. It here absolutely separate link which precisely knows that where and when to do to it. Also believe, we do it not only because a redaktorstvo - our profession and work. It is a way of life. If I, having woken up, do not open the Main page, day for me will not begin.

We value each of the authors, we like to read your discussions in blogs and the comment to articles. We like to observe how you grow. We easily sigh when you, having understood that “rewriting is not necessary“, leave. We heartily wish that the journalism gave in to you, and you - it. That to you it was good together, time you decided that you cannot but create by means of keys.

So - we move further. You teach us to life, and we will read and study. Give answers to questions, and we will be grateful to you. Tell about the surprising travel - we will represent as if visited with you together there. You love, we will be glad for you. Bear useful and kind, and it is a lot of - we will help to inform.

With Coming New year you, our dear authors and readers! Your special group “P“.