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How to give new life to the spoiled doll?

the Daughter entrusted a favourite doll to the younger little sister or itself decided to play the stylist - the makeup artist, and now cries over the toy cut, painted with a felt-tip pen? From the baby doll presented by close relatives for kilometer bears spirits or household chemicals? Not everything is lost! In most cases these problems are more or less easily solved.

If the simplest option - to throw out and buy a new toy - does not suit you, it is possible to take the advice tried not by one person.

From some dolls traces from a ball pen are reduced if to rub them a crude burned match. It it is better to break off a head: it scratches rubber. It is good to leave a toy to lie down on the sun in the summer. It is better to cover hair with something that did not burn out. It is a pity, it is necessary to arrange solar bathtubs weeks two if it is no more.

Me many times helped out a miracle - structure: a half of “Whiteness“ on a half of vinegar. Several hours of bathing in such bathtub - and most likely will return to your doll primitive purity. It is necessary to work with this structure carefully, it not only can corrode skin, but also does rubber more pale. Every other day - other color is in most cases restored.

And from the spots which ate tightly medicine from spots of “Baziron“ will help (to smear and take on a sunlight). However, it is more expensive than many game dolls. Residents of Ukraine were lucky more: at them it is possible to find in drugstores cheap analog, “Ugresol“.

With the cut head should tinker slightly longer. The simplest option - to connect or sew a hat. If to sew to this hat around in several rows of a thread, bobbin in several additions or a mouline thread, the wig will turn out. On such product for the standard head of dolls like Barbie about 6 - 8 hanks of a mouline thread leave. The wool (acrylic) knitting yarn for a parichka will approach too, but will look as dreadlocks or Afro-braids.

In the presence of free time and an unnecessary wig, a chignon, an elastic band or a kanekalon for Afro-braids, the doll can sew new hair. For this purpose it is necessary to remove accurately the head, to remove the remains of an old head of hear and to pass through in the new locks released holes. On the Internet many master - classes on an insertion of the doll heads lies. Before getting down to business, it is good to get acquainted with a two-three from them. By the way, it is possible to make an insertion threads too.

can fight against a smell of tobacco, a mold, spirits too and it is necessary. Many maintain dolls in such absorbers of a smell as sacks with silica gel and granules for a cat`s toilet. Soaking helps with means for cleaning of a toilet bowl from a stench. Month on a winter balcony or is capable to help with the freezer. But! If from a doll bears something caustic, chemical, it is better to throw out it. Health is more expensive.

At last, instead of the broken-off extremities can be stuck together new of polymeric clay (it also call plasticity) on a wire framework. Of course, this product will be not such strong, and often and not so beautiful as a “native“ hand or a leg. But the doll will stop being the disabled person. And if the similar broken dolls two and more, from them, perhaps, it turns out to bring together one.

I tested the most part of these councils on dolls who were brought to me to receive medical treatment. Happy was also I, and the children who received the favourites back whole and beautiful.