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Segway. Whether the pedestrian became a competitor to the driver?

were required About 10 years to the inventor Dean Kamen to create adaptation allowing to facilitate and make considerably life of the pedestrian more mobile and quick, at the same time without having broken ecological equilibrium which suffers first of all at emergence of new human inventions.

21 - e century - time of revolutionary nanotechnologies, and these technologies only begin to yield the fruits, the mankind hardly stepped the first decade of a new century.

This invention which became result of innovative developments received the name Segway. It is thought that as it exactly the name, it it would be necessary to quote, and here the invention should be called, in my opinion, by UPP “Segway“ - the device personal mobile. Except enthusiastic comments on him yet nothing is written.

And it is not surprising because only these two-wheeled mobile devices appearing on streets and roads of our settlements began to be surprising and some envy of passersby. Still, at same as well as they pedestrians, appeared two wheels on a special platform with the cross steering device. Happy owners of these magnificent devices, povinuyushchikhsya our intuition, can gather speed to 20 km/h, at the same time having feeling of rather fast and safe driving! They have even no pedals and a transmission by which the driver of the car should be distracted.

The mobile device is absolutely safe and quite comfortable, operating it, it is not necessary to be afraid to fall down from moving means and will also not carry it to a source of the increased danger, in view of quite moderate speed of movement. Just move weight of your body and enjoy feeling as obediently the device to your intuitive movements. Certainly, all ingenious - is simple, and this mobile device became one more proof of this indisputable statement. There is no need for special trainings or long courses to seize rules of its management. Just rose, transferred the weight of the body in the necessary direction - and began to resolve all issues mobile!

Advanced technology of “LeanSteer“ lifted this device on the level of new technological progress. Completely subject to your intuition, Segway obediently moves in the direction chosen by you, quickly delivering in the necessary point. The main thing - correctly and in due time to transfer the center of gravity. It should be noted its maneuverability and passability that is important in city conditions. Moreover - on it you will easily pass on the sidewalks loaded by pedestrians, in places where there will not pass the bicycle or the scooter, in trade and warehouse, it can be used also by intelligence agencies. And, at last, the device is created for entertainment. Segvey - ecologically safe, economic vehicle of the pedestrian, eats from two rechargeable batteries, is equipped with anticreeping system, is loaded from a network.

As for the question raised in the name, probably, it is necessary to answer it negatively, the pedestrian - not the competitor to the driver of the car and not this aim was pursued during creation of the personal mobile device.

Meanwhile there is a wish to tell what became current for a long time and there was common an expression “the advanced user of the computer“, so, quite perhaps, as this device will receive the second value for UPP abbreviation over time - the device of the advanced pedestrian! Why not? It quite deserves it, as well as the pedestrian who will use it.