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The urban environment of Cherepovets imparts to people embitternment, and also the Urban environment if still somehow and it was estimated, then from the point of view of architecture, an esthetics, formal economic or social indicators brings up hypocrites and ambitious men

. However it was never necessary to see the psychologist - pedagogical components of an urban environment though intuitively, probably, it is clear to each adult that the city and the personality do not exist in itself. An urban environment, and it both architecture, and technologies of management, and people, and information streams, and the existing city tenor of life which not only influence the personality but also definitely bring up it, generate a certain type of the personality, influencing a vector of its development.

Here and we made a modest attempt to define who is actually brought up by an urban environment of Cherepovets, having used, at the same time, the technique of vector modeling of the environment which is available at our disposal and modified created by V. A. Yasvin. Besides, doing this small, but instructive research, we adopted also interesting description of city types modified by us on the basis of typology of school types of Lesgaft, which, in our opinion, later more than one hundred (!) years did not lose the brilliant descriptive potential at all.

We built …

So, for creation of psychological model of an urban environment of Cherepovets we needed only two axes in system of coordinates (freedom - dependence of citizens, activity - passivity of citizens), six diagnostic questions and ten thousand friends from a social network of VKontakte from several percent on whom these questions answered. And what we see?

First diagnostic question:

Whose interests and values are put on the first place in the city of Cherepovets?

Variant and) interests of the personality Variant) interests of the power and large business

Actually, we received that answer which was expected. Only 3,2 percent which answered this question consider that interests of the personality. The others, and it is 96,8 percent of respondents I consider on the contrary. Time advantage is so striking, we appropriate one point on a scale “dependence“ as this question diagnoses available balance “freedoms - dependences“ for development of the personality in the city.

Second diagnostic question:

Who and to whom adapts in the course of interaction of the power of Cherepovets and citizens?

Versions of answers: a) the power and large business to citizens - 10,7 percent) citizens to the power and large business - 89,3 percent. The ratio of forces is quite obvious and we appropriate one more point on a scale dependence
the Third diagnostic question:

What form of the attitude of the power (large business) towards citizens prevails?

Versions of answers: a) individual - 6,4 percent) group (collective) - 94,6 percent. The answer also more than is obvious. It is necessary to increase the sum on a dependence scale by one point.

Thus on our future axis of coordinates on a scale “freedom - dependence of citizens“ we will postpone - 3, t. e x x x 0 x x - 3

Following diagnostic questions belong to a scale activity - passivity of citizens.

Whether the fourth diagnostic question

Becomes in the relations of the power and large business of Cherepovets and citizens emphasis on any forms of punishment of the last (penalties, a penalty fee, administrative detentions, reprimands, etc.)

Versions of answers: a) yes - 55, 2 percent, b) 44,8% are obvious that there is no pronounced pressure of the authorities upon simple residents of Cherepovets therefore we will not give points neither on a scale of “passivity“, nor on a scale of “activity“.

Whether the fifth diagnostic question

Is stimulated in Cherepovets manifestation by citizens of any initiative?

Versions of answers: a) no - 14,3 percent, b) yes - 85,7 percent. It is obvious that it is necessary to add point on a scale of “passivity“.

Sixth diagnostic question:

Whether get any positive response in Cherepovets these or those creative manifestations of citizens?

Versions of answers: yes - 48,1 percent, b) is not present - 51,9 percent. Obviously, as here we have nothing and there are nobody to add. Thus, it turns out that diagnosing activity or passivity of residents of Cherepovets we came that on this scale “passivity“ of city society should put only one point aside.

X of
- 1

Then our system of coordinates, taking into account “ordinate axis“ (freedom - dependence of citizens) and “abscissa axes“ (activity - passivity of citizens) will look so:

X of
X of
freedom X X X 0 X X - 3 dependence
- 1
X of

I constructed

It is necessary to answer not a rhetorical question of what type of the city personality is brought up by an urban environment of Cherepovets, having used Lesgaft`s typology. However originally it is necessary to pay attention to the Roman figures I, II, III, IV. They designate four types of an urban environment which if a little to modernize Yasvin, can be “christened“:

I - The Creative urban environment which is bringing up creators

II - The Career urban environment which is bringing up careerists

III - The Dogmatic urban environment which is bringing up dogmatic type of the personality

IV - The Serene urban environment which is bringing up as if is softer to tell it also laid-back persons.

Follows from our data that the average resident of Cherepovets lives and, respectively, it is brought up in the dogmatic environment. At the same time not just in dogmatic, and in the dogmatic environment of passive dependence, i.e. dependence its full, and here passivity - “rather relative“. Let`s remember!

P. F. Lesgaft, as we know, allocated ambitious, hypocritical, hammered - malicious, hammered soft, good-natured, oppressed and normal (ideal) types. What they represent, look for and study. However if to compare the type of an urban environment allocated with us and type of the city personality through scales “freedom - dependence“, “activity - passivity“, then we will receive that the URBAN ENVIRONMENT of CHEREPOVETS (we will remind, dogmatic to passive dependence) BRINGS UP AND SUPPORTS it is MALICIOUS - the HAMMERED TYPE of the CITY personality of whom are characteristic: BITTERNESS, UNSATISFIED VANITY, SUSPICIOUSNESS, MALIGNANCY, LACK OF INITIATIVE, SHARPNESS, ISOLATION. Come into any Cherepovets pothouse or on forum. and there you this type you will meet cherepovets much.

What to do? The full gloom is also not present “light at the end of the tunnel“?!!! Wait a moment!

What “so-so“ tells mental resources of an urban environment about much, but not about everything. There are still resources of the organizations and personal resources of each of us. Will difficult imagine that as ideology the same Cherepovets MSU or “Severstal“ will choose education of the malicious and killed people. At everything thus, in all honesty (it is necessary to be objective), there are “lagoons“ which are just cried out to pets: “be leaders, be creators, be geniuses“, etc. And the personality sometimes has an own and strong vector of development at which as my buddy used to say OShO, “it is possible and it is necessary to live in the world, but not to submit to its rules of the game“. This vector of development “blowing“ in a positive side (i.e. to bigger freedom and bigger activity), it is possible to call “corporate wind“ or “corporate spirit“. Yes though “Holy Spirit“, the main thing that he ALWAYS resists and “conducts“, “drags“, “directs“ the personality to bigger self-realization and to bigger manifestation of the internal beginning by it, potential in the social environment. And so, if to consider this “corporate wind“ and to postpone it on our system of coordinates, then it turns out that CHEREPOVETS, ITS URBAN ENVIRONMENT besides that supports and reproduces spitefully - the hammered type of the city personality who though wants, but already lost any hopes for somehow to realize itself in society, supports and reproduces HYPOCRITICAL AND AMBITIOUS TYPE of the PERSONALITY.

At the same time, the HYPOCRITICAL TYPE of the PERSONALITY Lesgaft describes so: cunning, boastful, feigning. The fawning bootlicker, the small pilferer. The AMBITIOUS TYPE of the PERSONALITY Lesgaft describes as follows (it already - the career environment of ACTIVE dependence!) : persistent, prudent, gorody, with pronounced sense of superiority, haughty, self-confident, lusting power and success. Whether you learn in THIS DESCRIPTION of or which of acquaintances?)))

Conclusion … And whether it is possible to change reproduction of such bad type somehow? The city authorities can construct for citizens roads and houses, to sit down groves and in general in every possible way to bribe citizens, but malicious - the hammered type will be reproduced and reproduced all the time. Matter in the relation. So far respondents will answer the first three questions: “Only the option“, will not change nothing. The main mental resource of development of Mr. Che is citizens, not just active and initiative, but also feeling like free people.