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Whether the woman can be a genius?

In postperestroika years in Russia were got by popularity the book of the Austrian philosopher Otto Veyninger (1880-1903) “Floor and character“. How many rough debate it generated in each student`s hostel! How many sad thoughts she causes in young readers to this day. What it the philosopher wrote in it that he still causes experiences in ladies of the whole world?

Veyninger who managed to publish the scandalous book at the age of 23 years (then for the unknown reason committed suicide), proved that the woman - a being defective. In particular, the philosopher noted that there is a lot of ingenious men, and ingenious women - time - two and miscalculated.

“But were! - other reader will exclaim. - For example, Sofya Kovalevskaya! “ So - that it so, but Veyninger says to us that all women who managed to become famous had man`s essence, and in general - degree of talent of the woman depends on degree of its similarity to the man. As confirmation of the opinion, Veyninger pointed just to appearance and Elena Blavatskaya and Sofya Kovalevskaya`s character.

It is well-known that at schools most of excellent students are girls. Among adults there are a lot of talented women too, but eventually for some reason in the history there are only man`s names. What to explain it with?

On the one hand, women are forced to spend more time for children and for household affairs, but, on the other hand, among women there is a lot of unemployed, and they have more free time for creativity, than at men. Then business consists not only in lack of time. Everything, reading Veyningera, agreed that the author of this, certainly, talented book noticed a lot of things truly, but nevertheless nobody could explain unambiguously paradox of almost total absence of female names among geniuses. Including I.

Later I happened to return to this riddle. The matter is that for quite some time now I was fond of creation of universal system of protection against rudeness (“How to be protected from rudeness. 7 simple rules“) also paid attention that the most helpless category offended are beautiful young girls. As if roughly talked to them, they stand and are silent, without knowing how to answer. Married women without children even if by it it was hardly executed eighteen, behave poboychy. Married women with children - are even more resolute, and, at last, the most resolute behavior at those to whom for forty.

This phenomenon very simply speaks. Since early years inspire in girls that the woman has to be beautiful and it to be pleasant to all. Most of all girl is afraid to look in the opinion of people around ugly. Such fear prevents the girl to stand for itself, especially when she is offended publicly and which - who uses it. As for married women, especially the women having children they are already not so anxious with own appeal therefore they are not so helpless before rudeness. And those to whom for forty, almost do not think of own beauty and to touch them - all the same that to tease a tiger. Moreover, women of this age quite often behave aggressively.

Watching behavior of men and women in critical situations, I came to a conclusion that exactly the fear of women to seem ugly and is the main reason for the fact that among them it is not enough (or even is not present at all) geniuses. The genius has to defend the views, make the way in life, and it always not esthetically. Imagine, for example, the woman - the scientist, the putting-forward some revolutionary theory and forced to argue from - for her with crowd of ekhidnik, and it will become clear to you why women avoid those fields of activity where it is necessary to fight. For this reason women with ease give the opening to men - husbands, fathers, brothers, chiefs and just familiar that those “punched“ them independently. Respectively, and the glory gets not to the one who suggested idea, and to the one who realized it.

Besides fear to look ugly, “the masking instinct“ directs women. It is known that in fauna the female has pale coloring and modest behavior. It is necessary in order that, in case of danger, it could hide and rescue cubs. The male, on the contrary, always has bright coloring and display behavior in order that, in case of appearance of the enemy to distract it on himself and to take away from that place where his girlfriend with kids hides. For example, only the peacock has a fine tail - a male, the female looks as a modest chicken. In other words, instincts are prompted to the woman “not to lean out“.

The question arises: whether means it that it is simpler to woman to be engaged in creativity in the conditions of anonymity? If you study statistics in what sphere of culture of the woman - creators left the most noticeable mark, then you will find out that especially there is a lot of the famous women among writers (Ethel - Lilian Voynich, Charlotte Bronte, George Sand etc.) and also among composers, artists, sculptors - in other words, among creators of works which are created alone, but not in collective. It will especially well be coordinated with an instinct “sit and do not lean out“ work of the writer as it is easy to eliminate direct communication with faultfinders, having taken cover behind a pseudonym. In science pseudonyms are not accepted, and women - scientists or realize themselves in not too revolutionary areas, or find to themselves men who “push“ their ideas (certainly, already from an own name).

It is asked and how numerous women are actresses who always on a look? In - the first, the actress, the singer, the ballerina is the work which is rather reproducing, than creating something essentially new. In - the second even if the actress also offers some new, special interpretation of work, it is difficult for public to judge whose is a merit - it or the director. Women - to actresses should fight for an idea much less, than, for example, to women - directors. Therefore there is a lot of actresses, and - directors it is not enough women.

Nevertheless there is an opportunity to bypass this regularity and that it is necessary to learn, how exactly, to consider a question whether Otto Veyninger was right, considering that all famous women had man`s essence.