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Why in Israel there are no orphanages?

are known to me only two organizations which to frighten enemies, ruin own children - “Hamas“ and “United Russia“. Well, historically there was still a tsar Herod.

In Israel if the young couple later after a wedding does not have a year children, then they see doctors and in clinics of fertilization at once. Expensive procedures are paid with the state. In general, in that, as for artificial insemination, Israel ahead of the planet only. Partly this aspiration to execute a precept “propagate and breed“, given to Adam and Eve after exile from the Eden, partly - psychological reaction of the people who endured the Holocaust and descended to the next generations. And in general in Israel children are loved!

Very few Israeli children are given to adoption. And such institutes as orphanage, practically do not exist. Or rather, they are, but function at them absolutely opposite, than in Russia.

In the Russian orphanage, state establishment, kids live dream: here the door will open and mother and the father will enter. That is they still will be strangers of uncles and the aunt, but surely will become mother and the father. In Israel orphanage - most often intermediate station of expectation where the child waits for the end of quite long procedure for registration of necessary documents for adoption. For kids it is a family which, as a rule, has the children and earns additionally supervision for strangers, for school students - the boarding school too not similar on Russian.

The children demanding permanent medical care are kept in hospitals, to them volunteers come from such organizations as, for example, “Hibuk rishon“ (“The first embrace“). These volunteers receive a priority at desire to adopt children already familiar to them.

Quantity of the families wishing to accept the child 10 times more the number of children which needs the accepting family. If in Israel as in melodramatic European novels 19 - go centuries, under a door of maternity hospital threw a parcel with the baby, instantly there would be about ten families which right there, on the place, would arrange local war for the right of this baby to adopt.

One such business even came to the Supreme Court, having taken place all subordinate judicial instances. At the solution of this dispute at a meeting there were 7 of 14 Supreme judges. For comparison: Eichmann`s business sorted only three members of the Supreme Court.

The case in point was as follows. A certain short-sighted maiden gave the child on adoption. Under the law biological mother has the right within a year after adoption to change the mind and demand the child back. At the same time the law expects very few openings allowing to bypass basic establishment: the benefit for the child is education by his biological parents. Actually the law cares not so much here for the child`s benefit how many protects the rights of biological parents to the detriment of the rights of adoptive parents.

The sense of the law is clear - it accepted to give to young mother the chance to change the mind and change the decision which, is supposed, without having means to support itself and the child, having fallen into the usual panic in such cases complicated by a postnatal trauma. Another thing is that the law establishes absolutely draconian framework of a year. Any who got at least a pet is capable to present as far as it does not go in: to give the fallen in love pet a year later. Here it is not about a doggie or about a kitten, and about the little man.

And here, later more than half a year after adoption, - marginalka suddenly reaches mother that it foolishly passed a possibility of an easy money and sold to someone a magnificent milk cow for a song. She found a foster home and began to extort from them money. The same, having paid already large sum for the right of adoption, did not follow the tastes of the extortioner. While things are being decided, also the biological father who prior to judicial proceedings in general not especially was interested in destiny of the child crept out of some hole in this world.

Having scented a smell of easy money, this couple began to reketirovat adoptive parents through court. All country, with bated breath, watched the burst drama. And, seeing the adoptive parents and biological parents surrounded with lawyers sobbing in front of chambers, all understood that if to be guided by that notorious “benefit of the child“, it is impossible to return it to the mummy at all. Because she not that - about herself was not capable to take care of the child. If for the right to be a parent it was required to take examination, this lady on it would turn out a complete fiasco. Therefore everything, without exception, sympathies were given to the adopted family.

But the court remained is unshakable - Lex , as we know, the silly woman . With an aching heart of the judge were forced to note that the law is the law. As from the moment of adoption there did not pass year yet, biological parents have the right to demand the child back though at desire could rivet about ten more similar and practice on them the parental talents. And arguments of the desperate childless adoptive parents, darlings and intelligent people that in their case a verdict of doctors unambiguous - childlessness, could not incline a judgment in their advantage.

However adoptive parents did not give up and submitted the appeal on the appeal. It became clear that the biological father is fatally sick. Also the fact that the father waited even whole for half a year did not avoid attention of judges before “finding out“ that he at it, appears, there is a son. Judges were frightened that the child will be on street, and decided to leave him with adoptive parents. 6 against 1 decided that it is necessary to leave the child to whom knocked 2 by then at adoptive parents. That is the judgment concerning this child changed even 3 times. Here so - they are hepp - and!

This short history is capable to explain why in Israel in principle there cannot be such phenomenon as homeless children. Will catch up with any and will adopt. Even for children - disabled people, with congenital defects, there will be a loving family. Not receiving any dividends from the decision, it is simply their child now.

Current situation led to the fact that in Israel there are public organizations chasing the young girls wishing to make abortion. They by hook or by crook try to persuade them not to interrupt pregnancy, to give rise and transfer children to adoption, having earned at the same time considerable reward. Than in due time the above-mentioned heroine also used.

It seems to me that current situation like a litmus piece of paper reflects health of society which is capable to protect and protect the weakest and defenseless representatives. If it, society, is not capable of it, then and not society it, and concourse of the individuals embittered at each other.