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How is chicken? Rules of etiquette.

Think, all know that “hospitable owners“, it not those who serve bread and salt on a table.
For a holiday all hostesses, skilled and not really, try to prepare many tasty and various dishes - to surprise and please guests with the ability. And to win heart of the man to which, all know - the way lies through a set of tasty delicacies. I know that it “oil oil“, but so appetizingly sounds. We continue to cover stoly:skatert are starched, the ware and tableware are prepared.

Solemn exit, music - dishes are brought:
the First are given by &ndash cold appetizers; small baskets from eggs with salad, meat and liver pates, vinaigrette, allsorts meat and fish, aspic and a jelly, salads. All these dishes are popular and most of people love it. But you should not expose all cold appetizers at once if there is a lot of those; still there will be both a first course and the second, and also desserts. If that will end, it is possible to add.
After cold appetizer is served soup which is poured in soup plates or in bouillon cups. Under cups saucers are put, put dessertspoons on them.
Then follows fish if you made second course from fish.
I after fish move - meat hot dishes with a garnish.
On banquets after meat give a sweet dish: cakes, cake, pastries.
Then - follows ice cream, candies, fruit and the black Hostess coffee
monitors giving of hot &ndash drinks; tea, &ndash Owner coffee
; gives cold - wine, hard liquors, champagne.
How to use a spoon, a fork and a knife. we will not begin to tell
About a spoon, a spoon all of us know instructions for use from kindergarten: it is necessary to hold it, having put a thumb from above. And to gather soup from a plate a spoon towards itself, but not from itself. When soup is eaten, the spoon is put on a plate. Quenelles and flour products from soup divide into parts a spoon.

How to solve a dilemma: a fork - a knife, in what hand?

When, need arises, to use a fork and a knife - that a fork needs to be held in the left hand, and a knife - in right. If eat with one fork, then it should be held in the right hand. You lefthander - choose as it is convenient to you.
of Trickled pastries, and a garnish do not knife, use a fork.
Firm potatoes can be knifed, but it is desirable a fork.
the Cut bread, and also do not cut a roll on slices, and break on pieces.
Some foods: noodles or fried eggs are eaten with one fork, holding it in the right hand, it is allowed to help itself a bread piece.
&ndash Meat; it is necessary to cut off on small pieces, since edge which is closer to you.
Fish need to be cut off either special knives, or two forks.
the Bird is eaten by means of a fork and a knife
Fried eggs are eaten with a fork
by Puddings, ice cream, creams are eaten with a small spoon.
For fruit give dessert knives. Plums and apricots are taken in hand, pressed so that the stone dropped out. Apples and pears, are cut on chetvertushka. Grapes should be served in a cluster, sweet cherry with small stalks. Water-melons and melons give cut on slices, eat with a tea spoon.
Oranges before giving can be made an incision so that guests had not to cut them.
I Think, not too tired you. As Suvorov - “Hard in the doctrine &ndash spoke; easily in fight“
the set of rules of etiquette Exists, in one article it you will not contain everything. I hope that any holiday for you will not be a duty. And rounds of high society will not become for you a bad dream: the fork precisely will be in the left hand - and a knife in right.