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How it is correct to lay the table?

For adults cannot be done many things easily and simply. Experience and skill are learned over the years. But young people begin life from scratch, allowing sometimes annoying misses which could be avoided. What to hide, the desire to have fun and organize parties is inherent in younger generation. I hope, this article will help to avoid mistakes at a meeting of your guests.

we Learn to lay a holiday table. It is possible to organize, of course, an easy buffet reception, but this option for simpler party.

New year - a holiday which requires bigger attention to reception of guests. He is time in a year, isn`t that so? Let`s try not to lose face.

From what table layout - of course, begins with a cloth. Solemn - white. It is possible to use also color monophonic cloths. Beautifully the ware and tableware on a red cloth looks. These are the general recommendations, everything depends on your taste. In principle, it is possible to lay also “gunny“, it quite is in harmony with a fir-tree, fir-tree branches and pottery.

Under a cloth it is recommended to enclose soft fabric to protect a smooth surface of a table from damage by hot dishes and to soften knock of plates and devices. This fabric should not stick out from - under cloths, and to cover only a table. Consider, the white cloth has to be perfectly ironed and pure. In certain cases, if the close circle of a family or friends gathers, it is admissible to cover a white cloth with a transparent waterproof cloth from above. Now the huge choice of similar cloths on sale.

Do not worry if from - for a large number of guests, you do not have enough ware and devices of an identical look - the main thing that one guest did not have them from different sets.

A low vase with the flowers - indispensable accessory of a holiday table. But for New year you can use the small decorated needles branch.

As all to arrange in what order:

the Soup spoon is put to the right of a plate, further everything; then, the fish knife or other snack is closer to a plate, is even closer - a knife for the following dish, and at the plate - a knife for the main course. Knives are put by the perfected party of an edge towards a plate.

At the left, most further from a plate, put a fork for the following dish, is closer - for the main course.

Spoons and forks have to lie the concave party up.

But if it is served more than three dishes, then tableware are added later as much they on a table should not be. The dessert knife and a fork for cake are put before a plate parallel to the table edge.

Before a plate a semicircle are placed by glasses and shot glasses in such order:

the Wine glass for mineral water.

the Glass for champagne.

the Glass transparent for red wine.

the Glass transparent or greenish color for white wine.

the Liqueur glass for hard liquors. Glasses for wine can replace

with low glasses.

Light white wines give cooled, heavy - slightly cooled, red - room temperature.

To the left of a plate put a pan for salad or compote with a saucer on which put a spoon.

Do not forget about napkins, adding them to each device.

Reception of guests - art and science. Let`s hope that guests will be satisfied with your efforts.