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Movies and Pictures: what are we taught by history of cinema to?

Now when at movie theaters of the country there are such movies as “Jungle“, “Crew: The successor“, remakes of old Soviet movies etc., there is a wish to remember that in Russia once were able to shoot excellent film. And now are able, just good “author`s“ movies seldom appear in such wide release as comedies and fighters for “people“.

But if today everything is ground under that the viewer did not reflect once again, watching at movie theater or on the TV the next simple movie bringing to his creators decent collecting, what occurred earlier? And at the time of the USSR the country leaders had the view of what movies have to go at movie theaters, usually it were the pictures which are bringing up people in the spirit of socialism. Therefore and last century talented directors often had problems with financing of movies, with censorship, with hire, well and, of course, with reaction of the audience who got used to watch the pictures, clear for them, approved by the top management of the country.

Andrey Tarkovsky was one of the directors who were exposed to attacks from the authorities. Now he is considered the great Russian director, the classic about whom know around the world (for example, Fellini very much thought highly Tarkovsky`s abilities, and Bergman called “Andrei Rublyov“ the best movie from what he saw in the life), but how the simple Soviet audience treated Tarkovsky`s movies and for whom the director`s pictures intended?

Andrey Tarkovsky was deeply convinced that he does the movies not for elite and not for the elected people, but in his time the people accustomed that in the movie everything has to be clear right at the beginning, clear who is who, than everything will come to an end. And when the movie demanded to think over itself, many audience was negative to it. Even Andrey Konchalovsky claimed that for him Tarkovsky`s pictures too long that in them there is no sense of proportion and them it is necessary to remount. Though other people believed that even in long episodes in Tarkovsky`s movies there is the sense because this screen time created necessary mood.

The people who watched Andrey Tarkovsky`s movies were divided into several categories. Some Tarkovsky`s pictures seemed absolutely unclear, others understood not everything, but sought to clear for themselves sense of its movies. However pictures of the director were pleasant to much from the first viewing, and it not always depended on education of the viewer, his social status. Answering a question as it is necessary to watch the movie “Mirror“, Tarkovsky referred to opinion of “the simple woman“: “I, likely, understood nothing in this cinema, but here have a look and remembered all life“. Andrey Arsenyevich considered that it and is his real viewer who correctly understands everything.

And it is valid to understand many pictures of Tarkovsky, they needed to be experienced. Though Andrey Konchalovsky ironically noticed that Tarkovsky`s movies were sincere, however “the cow lows too sincerely, but who knows about what she lows?!“, the part of the viewers perfectly understood, “about what the cow“ Tarkovsky lows. The director as if took from the head memoirs, dreams, knowledge of surrounding reality, of history and of culture, skillfully connecting all this together, showing on the screen communication of all eras, all generations and all events among themselves. He spoke: “I can make a good thing only on three things - on blood, culture and history“.

Sometimes negative reviews of movies A. A. Tarkovsky proceeded from very authoritative sources, from people who were respected by Andrey Arsenyevich. For example, Solzhenitsyn abused Tarkovsky for the fact that that, in his opinion, in the picture “Andrei Rublyov“ distorted the Russian history in order that ezopovy language to criticize the Soviet power. He also believed that Tarkovsky wanted to show that to the Russian people not on the cards to fly up that it, as well as the hero of the first short story “Rublyova“ who rose in the balloon in the air and then which fell and broke is capable only of defeats. And even if such artist as Solzhenitsyn, categorically did not accept a picture and the plan apprehended at all not in that system of art coordinates in which it was realized, it is no wonder that incompetent people often could not assess movies of the director positively.

By itself, it is impossible to claim that it was simple to understand A. A. Tarkovsky`s pictures. One of inhabitants of the Ivanovo region, And. Malyshev personally familiar with A. A. Tarkovsky tells: “I admit, there were moments when I felt sorry for the puchezhsky cinema-goers accustomed by our film distribution and television to swallow without thinking, without troubling mind and heart, thin gruel: the Indian melodramas, tinsel French comedy films “a la de Funes“ and correct, as copy-books, the historian - revolutionary, military, KGB and militia “masterpieces“. Andrey Tarkovsky of such viewer did not spare, did not please him and in small, representing one or the other: or to remain in the marshy place, or to reach sense, work to the seventh sweat mind and heart“.

Of course, audience of movies of A. A. Tarkovsky, the intellectuals generally made. It were people who were interested in art, tried not to pass an exit to screens of the interesting, discussed pictures which awarded awards abroad. And still Andrey Tarkovsky`s movies were pleasant to absolutely different people.

And now it is possible to draw an analogy to the present. Whether there are good directors creating movies which receive awards at the international festivals now? Of course, is. Whether many residents of our country know about them? Perhaps, no. Whether it is easy to get on such movie to movie theater? No, not really, because usually these pictures go not at all movie theaters of the country and sessions it is not enough, compared with the “advertised“ movies about which there was a speech in the beginning. Whether simply to understand many similar pictures? No, likely, more difficult, than light comedy of Bekmambetov.

But unless history of Andrey Tarkovsky who is not understood in the homeland, forced to leave forever the country does not teach us to what movies should be watched at movie theaters? Yes, all have different tastes and, of course, some movie can it will not be pleasant, but seeking to go to cinema, for example, not to the “national“ comedy, and to the “author`s“ drama, the viewer already shows to creators and film distributors of movies that it wants to watch film of other level. And, it is possible if each person thinks of it, then something in our cinema and in general in the country, will become better.