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Whether make animal unreasonable actions?

Many people ask a question: whether make animal unreasonable actions? In my opinion, to define whether so it, we need to compare it to the homo sapiens.

The person differs from an animal in the fact that in his acts the thought moments are traced. It as the sociopsychological being has the developed thinking and consciousness. The person chooses how to arrive and is responsible for the acts unlike an animal. To us, people, in power to create an artificial environment, to use for creation something new natural materials and to accurately represent result of the activity. For example, the knife can be used as the crime tool, and maybe for a family life, or morphine can be drug or an anesthetic. Everything depends on in what purposes of people assumes to use this or that subject.

We include reason before making any action, for example: somebody deliberates over a robbery. The subsequent behavior of the person will be an offense, it follows from this that this action will not bring benefit to any citizen, except it, and that, he should be punished for this offense. Conclusion: it is impossible to call a robbery reasonable action in any way. If the person deliberates helping people, living on the street or wants to carry in a shelter of homeless animals; to help kids with orphanages - only the generous person with a precise mind can show these acts.

The behavior of animals, on the contrary, is predictable always as it reflects the put natural instincts. We know what can be expected from them and to tell that we their action unreasonable have no right. They will never begin to do harm to the person just like that, only in case they feel that from the person threat proceeds. Otherwise it is possible to call it protection of the territory and an obereganiye of cubs. Animals cannot create objects, without having reason, and the person thanks to thinking invented a set of objects which can be used as for the good, and to the detriment of society and the nature.

As suitable definition for above described will serve the statement of the Doctor of Philosophy Theodor Oyzerman: “Only the being having reason can be unreasonable. Animals do not make unreasonable actions“.

Thus, it is possible to answer the question posed with denial, as we were convinced, the animal does not make unreasonable actions.