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Money is the evil?

are evil, no doubt. Let`s make some calculations...

we Will use a simple ratio: 3600 kJ = 1 kWh = 2,05 rubles - electric power cost in our rural areas for the population in December, 2012. Daily energy consumption of the person and the need for energy corresponding to them make from 7100 to 21000 kJ. Thus, is necessary to us in days only in the form of food from (7100/3600) h2,05 = 4 rubles to (21000/3600) h2,05 = 12 rubles . In total in days!

This calculation shows that it is necessary to the person for maintenance of life a little. The rest is the expenses imposed by a paradigm of a consumer civilization.

Besides, construction, repair is a fight against entropy growth. The material meaning of life consists in it . Thus, in human society if the employer does not give money, all not spontaneous physics - chemical processes stop.

So, money in consumer society is an equivalent of substance and energy. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them accurately, with observance of safety regulations . Let`s try for descriptive reasons quantity of money in your pockets to compare with Beaufort`s scale (a conditional scale for a visual assessment of speed of wind in points on its action on land objects). It was developed by the English admiral F. Beaufort. In 1963. The world meteorological organization accepted this scale.

The sequence is such.

Quantity of money. Action owner / of the bandit. Beaufort`s points . Verbal determination of wind force. Wind speed in m/s. Wind action.

100 rubles. Roll on pockets / does not notice. 0 . Calm. 0 - 0,2. The smoke from a pipe goes vertically.

1000 rubles. Are in purse / will extend as required. 3 . Weak. 3,4 - 5,4. Wind blows flags.

10000 dollars. Store closer to body / will undress. 6 . Strong. 10,8 - 13,8. Thick boughs of trees shake.

Million dollars. You develop migraine / will employ a gang. 9 . Storm. 20,8 - 24,4. Wind breaks smoke caps and a tile.

Billion dollars. A gold cage with bodyguards / the correct siege the state. 12 . Hurricane. More than 30. Strong destructions.

Having received money, but not a salary, you get a headache at once: how to keep, where to enclose how to avoid arrival, kidnapping, a robbery . You have to be able to reef during a storm on sails and in time to cut masts at a hurricane as somebody Abramovich.

The death toll in dismantling of “a peace Russian prikhvatization“ by some estimates makes 100 thousand people at the age of 30 - 40 years in a decade. Let`s remind V. Listyev, G. Starovoytova, nonfictional characters of books: Tarasov A. Millionaire. M.: 2004. and Oaks Yu. Big soldering. M.: 2004. - textbooks of unscientific capitalism . The scientific communist K. Marx wrote about profit: “Provide 10 percent, and the capital agrees to any application , … at 50 percent positively is ready to break to itself the head , at 100 percent it violates all human laws , at 300 percent there is no such crime on which he would not risk, at least on pain of the gallows “.

Also risk - “the big soldering ruins“. The last dismantling in the Ministry of Defence to that the certificate. Now bribes and theft on millions seem already a trifle. Here billions - it are already more interesting. One pleases - if steal, so at us in the country still something remained!

Financial performance is an equivalent rational quantitative material inputs (substance and energy) on maintenance of any open nonequilibrium subsystem in a condition of dynamic balance with Wednesday. According to the first and second laws of thermodynamics in the allocated system “expenses always exceed the income“. The seeming profitability of some branches of economy (precious metals, oil, arms) consists in the incomplete accounting of expenses and is based on a robbery (often voluntary) of either the population, or the nature .