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How to prepare for a meeting of guests?

the Meeting of guests - always surprise. Even when guests are invited by you, but not as in the known saying, “the uninvited guest …“ In many cases arises a swagger - a major: it is more guests, than invited; it is less ware, than prepared - we run on neighbors, we collect a disparate. Or Ivan Ivanovich and Pyotr Petrovich who at each other do not look hundred years came and do not communicate. the Mood is spoiled by

- a holiday not a holiday. What to do in that case, maybe, home to send guests, and to get drunk from a grief? Calm down, we will learn Regulations of Admission of guests.

How successful will be a holiday, depends on many factors, for example, from that, your room is how capacious. It is not recommended to convoke the mass of guests if you have a small apartment. It will be difficult for guests to be chosen from - for the forced tables. And if it is necessary to invite all whom you love and you know? What to do in that case? The best option at such situation - a festive dinner at restaurant. But it is not always possible, finance has property to come to an end at an inopportune moment.

It is possible to arrange a buffet - laying tables, not using chairs. However, such option is suitable only for young audience of guests as it will be heavy to more elderly people to be all evening standing. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to resolve an issue of number of guests. In narrowness and not in offense - not for a holiday table. The table filled with snack happens the center of attention always. The more solemnly festival - the more carefully there has to be a laying.

Tables are laid, received guests. We sit. We wait for a holiday?

Good luck of celebration depends not only on a tasty entertainment, but also on the reigning atmosphere. Pleasant witty conversation, easy fun and joyful revival - indispensable satellites of a successful party. It is worth thinking over possible subjects for conversation in advance to bypass or smooth awkward questions. To think over games for entertainments (I hope, you do not consider game as entertainment only for children?) . There are scenarios for holidays which are used in work of the host. But I think that many can make the similar scenario, especially the Internet is the help in any question.

A lot of things depend on guests, but the major role is played nevertheless by owners who have to catch the slightest nuances of intensity among invited. In order that such intensity did not happen, it is necessary to seat invited according to features of their character and temperament. If among guests there are debaters, and it often happens - put them separately. Guests who are inclined to listen more, than to speak, it is desirable to put with the one who is able to conduct interesting conversation.

Reception of guests - it is valid art. The slightest oversight - and a holiday can be spoiled. Owners are the chief actors on this scene, they have a leading role. Your mood, in some measure your spirit and considerably - feeling of a step, will make a holiday unforgettable.

I wish all a cheerful holiday!