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How to become though is a little happier next year? The fantasy in style non - fikshn to become valid though is a little happier than

next year, you need to take, at least, courage and to be defined: “What is specifically necessary personally for me for feeling of happiness at the moment?“

It is intricate - intricately skazanut? Well - the person always lacks something (I write and quietly I sing: “In the winter - summer, in the fall - spring …“). You want you do not want, but happiness is a state to which, it is conscious or not, practically each healthy person aspires.

Certainly, happiness - at everyone the: at someone - a safe family or existence of a family in general, at someone - professional self-realization or simply “is more than money“, at someone - the address to new belief, at someone - always available the necessary sum of money for a vodka bottle … And everyone is right in own way.

Of course, those who look for happiness by method of “tests and mistakes“ are right. Certainly persons interested to find happiness in a unification good luck are right. Probably, are right also those who with ecstasy remove a tattoo “Happiness are not present“ … And it is good that there are keen people with a treasured notebook in a cage.

Here for them - that, with pleasure - all one after another:

Emotional type of happiness: “sweet self-deception“

it is very easy for h2 to Reach such happiness - deceive yourself!. You want absolutely immense happiness? Try to get rid of reason at all - live only emotions.

Emotions are capable to generate strong illusions! Use to they are hammer into the head “Well - it is only when to me it is good“. And bad it is observed only at others. And only they need “to be treated“. You need to concentrate on any elimination of discomfort. And to eliminate, but not to be got involved in fight.

In this case you do not have need to distinguish useful from pleasant. To you it is necessary to become attached easily and easy only to all pleasant. Resolutely reject all that is not pleasant to you. Saw something unpleasant on the horizon? Run from it quicker. Run away from problems, from tasks with difficult decisions, from bad wives - husbands - nasty relatives, from bad neighbors and sick children … You aspire only to good for yourself.

To you it is good this minute?. What happiness!

Is rational - logical type of happiness: “a grief - at all not from mind“

Down with internal feelings! Down with all astral and raznosherstno - fenshuisty. Down with absurd and irrational. Long live it is intellectual - reasonable in this world!. Hi, though some logic.

Intellectually - a reasonable way of life there is even no wish “to offend strongly“. There is a wish to regret it. There is a wish to press to a breast and to stroke very quietly … Between ears.

Unfortunate! Some very much believe in cognoscibility of the world and in usefulness of management of human relationship. Believe in prichinno - investigative communications, in interrelation between a good education and good life, in incentive for the real happiness - in benefit in all fields of activity of the person.

Let trust … Let really are guided by receiving a good education, by creation of good career and achievement of high level of material welfare - as the making real happiness. And let do not bother on certain costs of very “clever“ way of life - on a nerve strain, attachment to material, on the distorted vision of truth and on not particularly “from where“ the appeared callousness - callousness - indifference to people around.

Let are also knocked properly - if strongly to knock, then surely something will be opened … Or will break.

Reached? Opened for you?. What happiness!

Is religious - wise type of happiness: “ideal“

it is just to h2 to live on the planet Earth and suddenly to come to be after death in Paradise - intimate dream of almost each representative of any faith (“almost“ - from - for respect for a Satanism. By youth all of us are “Satanists“).

Of course, seriously to be guided by following to some religious dogma and exact execution of all religious rules, instructions, rituals is abruptly … More precisely - it is stupid. Such way of life leads to fanaticism that is not really well reflected in mentality and in the relations with other people, especially with representatives of other faiths and religions. But it is unimportant. It is important that only to you it was good.

To you and in this case it is good?. What happiness!

Almost serious short conclusion to short article: “everywhere it is good where we are absent“

Even do not take in head to become happy in this life! . Keep yourself - do not poison the brain with harmful dreams.

Dream to be happy rather (properly): constantly try to be better after shameful, always get up after falling, give a hand to falling, give to the beggar (and forget about it), comply age, smile to youth, wish good …

Dream even in extreme old age (nearly in twenty minutes prior to death) to put a heap of trees, to build the small town and to get dozen - another of kids. Dream and do. Do as you are able and as it turns out. No matter, that did not turn out - important that you did … Tried, eventually.

It is also happiness.