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How the inspiration and whether it is necessary to wait for it passively is born?

the New name of inspiration which is thought up for it by F. Schiller - “unexpectedness of soul“, did not find a wide circulation among writing. But this name slightly opened secret of the birth of this feeling sometimes descending on the identity of creating. And not only writer. the Inspiration, unexpectedness of soul, prosaic incentive, at last, is born

from external and internal circumstances of the life of the writer, sculptor, artist, scientist, his sincere tendencies and addictions. Literary life of the creator of the word often proceeds among the images which are given rise by his imagination.

People test the happy moments in life, worry, suffer, mourn when there are losses. Sharp transitions for pleasure to suffering and vice versa overflow us with the special internal tension from which arises, begins to grow and declare itself requirement to be born a certain grain.

Become for the time spent in our head a sprout, it lives and eats our supervision and representations. Various sounds, paints, shades of color, smells come to consciousness of the master from the outside world. This grain, and then and a sprout, feeds with an inexhaustible stream all impressions endured and tested, our dreams, dreams and plans, diverse set of the events happening to us and to world around.

Once it is, as a rule, unexpected even for ourselves, there is this mature as result of work of our subconsciousness, marking completion of this work. The philosopher would call this act supernatural revelation. Visually this example could be illustrated with the reference to opening by the great Russian scientist Mendeleyev of periodic system.

It is thought that in the same way on creators of the word the inspiration how it is necessary to begin and finish the literary work descends sometimes, unexpectedly there are visible windings of destiny of heroes, there are notable long searched words and the whole phrases of future creations.

The inspiration is various on the force and duration.

Goethe wrote: “We only put logs for a fire and we try that they were dry and when there comes fixed hour, the fire will flash itself - to our considerable surprise“. It is possible quite zrimo to present that logs are seen, slyshanny, sunk-down in subconsciousness grains of future idea of work. A fire - result of the created idea demanded to its realization.

The thought created as a result of internal work, appears as revelation which condescended from above. The condition of exclusive internal silence or powerful psychological excitement can precede this minute. There are at the same time not only big works, but also small inspired improvisations and improvisations - just for fun.

Certainly, improvisation is more peculiar to poets, than writers. Terms during which work has to be written creation of big work with continuation are the strongest driving force, they stimulate creative energy in the writer. Perhaps, terms promote improvement of quality of the performed work. The requirement about performance of a task forces to apply more laconic forms to expression of art thought in time.

Often it is necessary to wait for coming of inspiration very long, but not always it comes also after its long expectation. A lot of things depend on insistence to itself. Stendhal wrote: “I did not begin to write till 1806, did not feel in myself genius yet. If in 1795 I could share my literary plans with some reasonable person and that would advise me: “Write daily for two hours, you are ingenious or not“, I then would not spend ten years of life for silly expectation some vdokhnoveniye there“.

Presently even more often the inspiration is replaced by persistent work, hard literary work, will of the creator of work.

Everyone solves for himself whether to wait for inspiration which can not come to the one who waits for it passively. Or constantly to work, achieving the objective, always being ready to the fact that work will be spiritualized by suddenly been born inspiration.