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What chief attracts money?

If you have a rich working career, then probably paid attention that chiefs are different: clever and silly, ignorant and educated, workaholics and idlers, but at all variety of qualities all of them are divided into two categories.

If to distract from particulars, then chiefs are only two types. The first category is people after communication with whom forces at you arrive irrespective of whether they are happy with results of your work or not, and the second are chiefs who, figuratively speaking from you extort energy.

The main sign of the chief with which it is easy to work, strangely enough, is his love to material benefits and thirst for various pleasures. This cheerful person can be the unscrupulous grabber, lack of culture or the near ignoramus who is not understanding I pound in anything, except restaurants where it is possible to eat tasty, baths and saunas, but - a paradoxical thing - after conversation with this vigorous and cheerful person you begin to work with the trebled energy that most at the weekend properly to take a steam bath in a bath or to make good purchases. And even if you are deprived of material requirements at all, you willingly stick for satisfaction of spiritual needs.

Strangely enough, the main sign of the chief after communication with which unanimously check existence of free vacancies on the websites, asceticism and very serious relation to the work which is expressed in permanently suppressed mood is. Collateral signs a grief - the chief: he has no healthy passion in earning money, almost has never a rest, badly eats, wears the same clothes. In conversation with you he constantly tries to wake up in you sense of guilt. He never rejoices to the fact that you made, as if you tried. It has eternally dissatisfied look, the stiffened mimicry. When he passes by your workplace, heavy sighs, without caring at all for what oppressing impression it makes on people around.

Unfortunately, some workers (generally the women movable by a maternal instinct) try to console and amuse it “the power vampire“. They spend enormous amount of time for proving to it that their work is performed properly and if to arrive as they offer, everything will leave in the best way.

Men, as a rule, quickly get to the core of this loser (and perhaps, and the conscious manipulator) and are not late in his company for a long time. And here women sometimes show excessive constancy. For the sake of what? Gratitude and moral support for the efforts you do not get. Moreover, it is necessary to know that the enterprise headed by an unylets after communication with which at you is made active desire to find other work, all the same sooner or later will collapse or, at best, will function so-so.

With the chief who is not able to derive pleasure from life, money not to see neither to the enterprise in general, nor to you personally. You should not check again on yourself this checked regularity.