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The most widespread mistakes of borrowers - as to avoid them?

the Credits became an everyday occurrence. Everywhere advertizing meets the offer of the credits in 5 - 15 minutes, deposits, credit cards. But even those who prefers not to borrow should face it sooner or later. In banking there are a lot of subtleties which are unknown to the profane person and can complicate life. About those from them on what clients of banks most often come across, and the speech in this article will go. Somewhere I read to

the good phrase: the it is easier to take the credit, the it is more difficult to give it. Run about week with references better, than then five years to suffer, giving the credit obtained in 5 minutes with a high interest rate. Be not bought on offers “issue the credit“ here and now, directly in shop if you lack money for purchase of furniture, equipment etc. In this case you will be deprived of an opportunity quietly, in a house situation to choose the most suitable bank.

Those who take the credits long ago, know that without the commissions for reception of cash not to pay the credit. But not all new borrowers know that if to pay through third-party bank, payment goes 3 - 5 operational days, apart from Saturday and Sunday and that not only the commission for reception of cash, but also 10 rubles for transfer through the third-party organization undertakes. From - for ignorances about this small commission and term of receipt of money often there are arrears.

It is also necessary to try to pay the credit in advance, but not in the last day. There can be technical failures, or payment can send not there therefore very carefully check whether correctly you entered requisites for payment, whether a surname, the name, a middle name are truly entered. And surely check whether payment arrived, whether there is enough granted sum for payment of an installment, even for one underpaid ruble the bank can inflict a penalty. Now many banks offer the services allowing to trace independently a condition of the account, I recommend to connect them.

On a credit card introduction of payments differs from payment on the usual credits. You need to know accurately when at you settlement and that the main thing when the payment period. If you place money during the settlement period, the minimum obligatory payment will not be extinguished and you should pay extra. Be not guided by listings with the sum of payments which gave you in bank - the minimum payment on the sum actually is not fixed, every time it different, you need to recognize him. If you do not know the sum of the next payment, specify in the branch of the bank, by phone of the hot line or in service for tracking of a state of the account.

If you decided to place money over the installment sum, surely learn in the branch of the bank or on the hot line as it will affect your credit, for the installment sum, the overpayment size.

In general, repay your loan with the German accuracy. Unfortunately, quite often borrowers when to them make out the credit, are not interested in either an interest rate, or an overpayment, or the schedule of payments. Such flippant attitude can become further the reason of complication of the relations with bank. If you pay your credit in the last maturity date through the third-party organization / bank, consider that payment will arrive at best the next working day, and to you penalties will be added. Pay therefore the sum taking into account the size of this sanction at once. It is better to repay the loan through the same bank where you took the credit. In this case, if there are problems with payment not through your fault (failure of the terminal, incorrect calculation of the cashier, a mistake of the bank worker), the bank can cancel a penalty.

Also keep in mind that employees of bank too people, respectively, can be mistaken. Therefore recheck the data received from them.

And in conclusion - the most valuable advice. The most reliable way - most to understand questions of banking . If you take the credit, properly read, at least on the Internet, about the credits - as to repay them how to address with the cash card and so on. For example, not all borrowers know that the credit card is closed according to the statement in the branch of the bank. Often they think that granted all sum, satisfied a debt and percent on the card, and everything, the card is not registered for them. Is registered! Moreover, there can be arrears because the commission for maintaining the account of the card or for any services can be written off.