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“Something with my memory became …“ How to train a brain?

“Came on kitchen, I stand and I remember: what wanted to make why here came?“ It is familiar to you? Whether there was it that you look for points which are shifted on a forehead. Or keys which are lost at the most inappropriate moment.

the List of the lost things or the forgotten phones can make rather big. But that is interesting, problems with memory are inherent not only to elderly people, but also young people too.

Especially such forgetfulness disturbs with approach of spring. It is clear - in the winter many processes in wildlife fade, but our brain has no button “off“ - and forgetfulness means that we give to our organic processor not enough food and trainings. If the head refuses to work, it is necessary “to clean“ it. Than? Naturally, exercises for a brain. Better if you do not postpone such gymnastics for “Monday“, and you will begin right now.

Morning. We wake up. Again we close eyes and we count up upside-down from hundred to unit.
we Remember the alphabet, on each letter we think out the word (B - a drum, - a nail...) etc.
we Think out 20 man`s names, numbering each of them.
we Think out 20 female names, trying to call others every day.
we Choose one letter of the alphabet and we call 20 words which begin with this letter.

Only all these exercises need to be carried out as soon as possible, without reflecting. At first it can turn out not really quickly, but every day speed will increase.

Take yourself for the rule: if you are in public transport and a trip rather long - use this time for intellectual gymnastics. List mentally following sequences:

to hundred and back on 2 (2, 4, 6...), (98, 96, 94...) ;
increasing on 3: 3, 6, 9, 12..., 99;
decreasing on 3: 99, 96, 93, 90..., 3;
increasing on 4: 4, 8, 12, 16..., 100;
decreasing on 4: 100, 96, 92, 88..., 4.

All this needs to be done without stopping and without deliberating. Think out rhymes for words, words on any letters. You load the brain with energy for the whole day.

In off-duty time it is possible to do also such exercises for mind: to read the printing text, having turned it head over heels. Of course, the speed of such reading will not be high, but training will allow to increase it every day.

Any puzzles, rebuses, charades and riddles are very useful to intensive brain activity. It is very good if you the fan of guessing of crossword puzzles - it develops not only memory, but also erudition, and an outlook. For a brain also such exercises give good training:

you Say phrases upside-down;
you Pronounce words back to front;
Write or you pronounce words which first letters go in the direction of an alphabetic order. For example: caviar, bark, laziness, a bank, night etc.

Play with children logical games and games it seems “Who will think up more words on a letter...“, “Monopol“. In the course of game you not only strengthen the memory, but also develop memory of the children. Exercises for brain activity exists quite a lot. “Entertaining tasks and experiences“ of Ya. I. Perelman are very good for training of a brain and memory, for example.

In the movement - life. Our internal computer needs the movement, do not leave it without work. I wish all a distinct memory for many years!