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It is how important to forgive?

to Forgive or not to forgive - everyone solves for himself. Solves because the forgiveness always begins with decision-making. But how emotions, resentment, our pride? Unless it is possible to operate them? It is possible. Also it is necessary. Your emotions are simply obliged to obey to the solution of reason. Otherwise, you get beaten still more than once.

And why, in general, it is necessary to forgive? “I was hurt!“ - the soul shouts. “I was humiliated!“ - reminds pride. “With me managed unfairly!“ - reminds egoism. “And after that to forgive?!“ - the offended vanity exclaims. Nevertheless, it is necessary to forgive, for our benefit.
needs to be understood - without forgiving, we do harm not to the offender, and ourselves. The nursed grievance not only spoils to us mood, but also destroys from within. The anger, bitterness, disappointment - all these things are capable to affect our health seriously. Like a cancer tumor, they will strike systems of our organism. By the way, the official medicine also came to such conclusions. Health of the person directly depends on his state of mind.

That is why God through the word repeatedly speaks to us to forgive. We have to love the enemies, bless those who damn us and to pray for our offenders. (Matfey 5:44) Without forgiveness healing is impossible. Without forgiveness our prayers are vain. Also it is necessary to understand - there is no such offense or the evil which it would be impossible to forgive. Only our arrogance and feeling of pity to itself can prevent it.

Whether easily to forgive treachery, an ingratitude, undeserved offense? Difficult. Sometimes - it is insufferably difficult. But no offense does cost your health, sleepless nights and the lost world. And whether there is a sense in hatred and rage? But in forgiveness - the huge force and grace.

Whether it is possible to protect itself from offenses? It is possible. By means of love. That from love to hatred one step - nonsense and totally ludicrous. The love is not capable to turn into hatred if it is only love, but not egoism. Remember Christ. The writing says that He did not make to anybody the evil, but the world crucified him. Whether It blazed with hatred to offenders? At all not. Moreover, asked God to forgive them. you Believe
, it was easier for Jesus, than you? It had all bases to be kindled by “just“ anger and to take offense seriously: He endured treachery, humiliation, mockeries and a beating. But, thanks to love, could not only forgive, but also ask God about favor to offenders. The love gave It strength, for the sake of love It went to a cross, thanks to this love all of us have an opportunity to receive forgiveness at the Lord. But only in case we forgive. Quite so the Bible speaks. (Matfey 6:14) the Forgiveness releases

, brings the world in our heart and fills with health a body. I about it was very often spoken by Protsenko Sergey Vasilyevich. The forgiveness opens a door for blessings and any good in our life. The forgiveness gives the chance to come to the Lord in a prayer and to be forgiven. At last, the forgiveness opens a way to life eternal.

Only it is necessary to remember that the true forgiveness is not indifference, but manifestation of the kind attitude towards the offender. When the Lord forgives us, He does not ignore communication with us. After repentance God does not turn to us a back with words: “I forgave you, and now go and do not stick to me“. No, He pours out on us the love and does not remind us of a sin. you do not store
in offense heart, do not bear offenders the malice. Make forgiveness a good habit in the life, and this habit will change your life.