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The mankind degrades? Watching

at today`s society, you feel fear. Terribly not only for the country, mentality, but also for the person. We are the beings allocated with reason, living in society. However on our modern background even animals look more advantageous, though live in cruel conditions of continuous natural fight.

In our society there are no morals, honor, morality any more. The sin, lack of culture, intellectual degradation fills with everything. We do not move to progress for a long time, we fall in a chasm of disintegration of good and love for the neighbor. Dear people become others, unsympathetic, cold to troubles of strangers. Today the person as once became selfish, lusting power, money, joys and entertainments. The youth does not want to study, to work, establish families. It is much simpler to live off parents and to lead a chaotic life with a bouquet of addictions.

In the world there was less love. Husbands betray wives, mothers do not love children, brothers and sisters become deadly enemies. In the price the disposable love liberating and vulgarizing hearts not only adults but also younger generation. With mother`s milk they absorb in themselves roughness, cruelty, debauchery, aggression and accumulate them in process of the growing. The mankind degenerates, and nobody sounds alarm. We are only even more locked in the apartments, we put iron doors, we install alarm systems, on-door speakerphones on entrances, we build high fences and we wait for a portion of terrible news on the TV. On television, in mass media, the Internet one negative poisoning minds of mankind reigns.

The government does not enter censorship, does not support the poor population but only cancels the next privileges and adds taxes. The portion of silly series distracts attention of our citizens from the most terrible situation in the state, society. And what for? It is much easier to govern “herd“ of the illiterate and fooled people.

We many times discussed this question and every time with Protsenko Sergey Vasilyevich wondered about that how many it is possible to suffer such obvious degradation still? We have enormous potential, intellectual potential, the virtue, humanity is not alien to us. Stop growing stupid behind monitors of computers, to imitate show business “stars“! Read classical literature, make kind acts, do not remain indifferent to foreign trouble, open love and generosity in the hearts. The good will return good. Only together we will be able to stop degradation, only together we will make revolution of the world and mutual understanding!