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What does the year creeping to us prepare? About snakes, traditions and delusions of

So it was moved that we, after east culture, began to consider that every year has the symbol - one of twelve animals. And character of a beast, it seems, even influences also character of year. And as coming 2013 - y passes under the sign of the Black water snake, many have fears, as if there were no forthcoming 12 months something terrible, unpleasant and cold.

quite so most of people perceives snakes. But whether it is true? Fortunately, among my acquaintances there are those who are fond of reptiles, here with their help I also will try to predict character of 2013.

So, we will begin with the main qualities which are attributed to adders. At once in memory there is a bible image of a dragon - the tempter who was so unscrupulous and spiteful that from own whim and tempted naive Eve to eat a fruit from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, than sent on it anger of God with the subsequent dispatch to places so remote that from the Eden is not visible.

But we will look at it on the other hand: let`s present a snake the educator. Yes, quite so! The reptile did not want that all life people lived like plants, without knowing anything, nothing without being able, without doing anything. Yes, it was a temptation, but for the benefit, but not to the detriment.

Of course, it is bad not to obey seniors as Eve, but on the other hand arrived, obedient people to the world bring nothing new, they owing to following to traditions are not capable of it. Fresh ideas only from rebels turn out. And it is obvious, the adder considered all this. He became the first-ever educator, let and indirect - having given the chance to the first people to touch a knowledge source.

Thus, it turns out that though the dragon and was severe as the surgeon during operation, but exactly thanks to it people had new opportunities: pleasure from knowledge acquisition, pleasure from well performed work, pride from overcoming of the weakness. And it means that the next year has to bring to us many important intellectual opening which, certainly, will enrich our life.

The second quality which the rumor attributes to snakes is their coldness, ugliness and, so to say, sincere callousness. But esteem that one of owners of snakes of whom it has some tells at the forum “Reptile“ about the favourites:

“Character is restive, eccentrical, but does not use teeth“, - he says about one. “Shy and touching creation. Named Inga, - writes about another. - In February the constrictor (a species of a boa) was acquired, Orpheus received an antique name. Good such malchishechka. In March did not keep, bought to Solomey. Eh, the young lady, but with a habit is good. On hands will not sit. Well about - about - very independent. Fairly suffered, doing a photo on hands. Though it is possible to forgive, for such beauty. Well and quite recently there arrived from Minsk a little one. Baby and glupykha. I take it in hand and I understand that I hold TENDERNESS“.

I all this about snakes! Yes, about those of which are afraid and which many people fastidiously treat if not to tell that the majority. But it appears if to look at old opponents with a fresh pair of eyes, to try to understand, see their beauty and to study character, it will become clear that for many years we just were in delusion. And actually snakes are the lovely, gentle, characteristic, very graceful creations capable with gratitude to treat the one who respects them.

“And what it gives us for understanding of character of year?“ - other skeptic can exclaim. And meanwhile this information gives much. It means that the next twelve months will be favorable to those people who sincerely try to understand world around, to understand situations, to judge impartially something. The person will learn to get deep into things, without relying on an external cover. And this extremely important ability in our century of information oversaturation, when there is no time to long analyze this or that phenomenon.

And, at last, snakes are not loved from - for their virulence, attributing thereby passion to murder. However, at once I will make a reservation - such passion to murders which is shown by people, perhaps, does not show any of animals any more. As a rule, if they also cause death, then as necessary - being protected from an aggressor or wishing to have dinner.

As for snakes, they do not attack. On the contrary, these modest beings try to be as it is possible more imperceptibly and can only bite if they to them stepped on a tail. But tell and who will let such indecent trick? Besides very painful...

But this deadly poison annually helps hundreds of thousands of people. How many medicines are made on the basis of snake poison! So for good things of life adders work much more actively, than succeed in smertoubiystvo.

And it gives us hope for peace next year, on the fact that there will be a few conflicts and those will occur due to a misunderstanding, but not from - for evil intentions. At least, there is a strong wish to trust in it. But ourselves are creators of world around, and both we look at it, and it concerns us. So, in our forces to make year of the Black water snake truly a reptile... that is, year of peace and kind days!