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One year. As to measure it and how not to miss?

Time were always considered as a great value. It was tried to be defined, measured, stopped and developed back. But not so - that it is simple. Possibly, time can even be slowed down or accelerate in different corners of the Universe. Only this fact is not proved by science yet.

It is possible therefore time is called the physical abstraction reflecting reality. That as not time, shows changes and the movement!

For measurement of time the intervals and units are used. According to a duodecimal numeral system, 1 calendar year equals to 1 turn of Earth around the Sun, to 12 months (or to 12 periods of change of phases of the Moon), to 365 days, 52 weeks (with a tail), to 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds.

If leap-year, days in it 366, hours 8784, minutes 527040, seconds 31622400.

It is possible to count also decades or such little-known units as fortnayt (2 weeks), a third (1/60 seconds)...

One “nuclear second“ () is equal in the SI system to one interval of time, that is 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to transition between two superthin levels of the main condition of atom of caesium - 133.

The natural system of units in the set of constants takes plankovsky time for a unit of measure of time - a period for which the particle, moving with velocity of light, overcomes plankovsky length. It is the smallest period, size it is less who cannot be measured. Calculation of duration of year in the minimum units gives catastrophically big figure.

As a lot of time is given to the person in the interval of time equal to one year!

If to subtract a number of hours which we slept, worked, were en route from this figure, there will be a small piece of life which can be spent for communication with close people.

The person becomes more senior, the shorter each his passable step seems. It seems that time goes already with absolutely other speed, turning over on one breath the whole weeks., It seems, still yesterday there was a spring, and already for some reason winter. As quickly everything changes in the nature!

There was no it in the childhood when one day seemed small eternity, and the future - far and illusive. Only one wave of a hand drew in air grandiose plans and the purposes. We were convinced that everything will surely come true because there was some boundless self-confidence and own forces, and, above all - the whole life was still ahead, beautiful and interesting. There was a wish, somewhat quicker to bring closer at least year in which the growing, a solvency and independence would appear more brightly.

And then there came the maturity, and we hurried to live this life at the maximum speed, all to manage - to be learned, find good work in it, to get a family, to give birth to children, to scare together a fortune, to see other countries, not to lose friends and to find itself. Only for some reason even more often there was a desire to look back, to find something in lived, to understand something and to return something. As if something necessary and important remained there.

Unless it is possible to refuse the past if in it - invaluable experience of the lived years, is so much pleasure and happiness? Even mistakes and misses moved to inactive sectors of memory and are perceived with the sign “plus“. There everything is so familiar and clear. There the safety zone and comfort because already learned to fight, to overcome something, to be stronger than circumstances and to draw conclusions.

And what is in the present? In the present all somehow for the present not so or already not so … by

It is looked in tomorrow, it is very similar to today`s.

Reckless emotions, spontaneity and unpredictability left somewhere. You count each step, you weigh, you aim, and satisfaction and delight does not press for some reason a heart, and eyes are not lit by a spark.

The feeling of rapidity of time is not so deceptive as it seems.

Ancient Greeks considered that time is the river which at great speed claims our life year after year. We do not see it therefore not in our forces to change it.

Perhaps, so it also is? Time leaves us a fast pace, and we only also do that we catch up with it. They say that we live in the mad world, and we live not absolutely correctly because we forget about the main thing and we take some excess steps.

And where it is the main thing? How to distinguish it from minor? How to sort by small groups life before to accept something or to cast away aside?

All it seems such important and unimportant at the same time. Even this morning cold and prickly. And these people, others and strange, they always pass by, hiding eyes in the infinite problems. And these words told by the way and chaotic thoughts.

There is a strong wish to include “pause“. With one small purpose - “not to miss what remained“.

Psychologists claim - in order that time did not disappear completely, it is necessary to raise its cost, not to turn own life into routine and during every moment to put sense. Life itself becomes empty or full, it we fill it with spiritual emptiness or abundance of an inner world, full-fledged devotion of the thoughts and feelings, the ability to love and suffer.

It is impossible to lose something if it already became part you. It is possible to release power space for new opportunities and to open other footpaths of knowledge.

It is important to understand that life is not shorter and is not longer, than it seems, and each lived year reduces it only exactly by one year.