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How to prepare original meat dishes for a New Year`s table?

to Whom bothered 31 - go December the whole day to cut salads and to undress herring to dress it in a fur coat, and to be with them full in the evening, I offer original meat dishes by New year.

It is nonconventional for a New Year`s table and very low-calorie rabbit ham in the test and a souffle from chicken. Besides it is worth meaning that the black water snake - a symbol of the coming year - as an animal of group of predatory reptiles is not indifferent to rabbits and hens.

We will begin with preparation of necessary ingredients. To prepare these dishes by New year, approximately for couple of days before its approach, it is necessary to buy products according to the provided list:

• Dough fit (it is possible to replace with usual puff pastry)
• Cheese
ricotta • Cheese of
Dorblu •
cheddar cheese • Cream of 30%
• A jar of gherkins
• A peas jar with
carrots • Dried olives in oil or dried
tomatoes • Ham of a rabbit
• Chicken

not to spend time for a campaign in a supermarket (there now not to force the way), all these cunnings can be ordered in the Internet - shop.

Rabbit dishes are quite popular, but ours will be not absolutely usual. So, we start preparation of this meat dish by New year.

At first we prepare marinade. For it, on 6 rabbit ham, will need about one teaspoon of salt, black ground pepper, dry rosemary, dry mint, ground cilantro and one big bulb.

Onions are small chopped, we put in ware, we sprinkle olive oil, we salt and we pound, will not give juice yet. Then we add dry spices, it is a little honey and lemon juice, and also 2 St. spoons of soy sauce. Ready marinade is carefully mixed, we put in it rabbit ham, once again we mix, we cover ware with food wrap and we put to the cold place on couple of days.

On the eve of New year of ham we take out and we cut out part of a stone that small “pocket“ turned out from everyone. Meanwhile we prepare a stuffing. Cheeses ricotta and Dorblu we rub on a grater and we mix with small cut dried olives and gherkins. Then we add a dried peel from one lemon to a stuffing, and we fill juice from its half, a little ground pepper with this mix rabbit ham.

We display a leaf of the test on the sheet of parchment fit and we cut it on squares (if to use puff pastry, then it is required to be rolled thinly). In each square we put rabbit ham a stuffing down and we wrap it in the test so that the remained stone was outside. Dough around a stone can be tied up a ribbon from leek.

Now we close up with the test each ham, we wrap it in a foil, densely from below and not densely from above, and we put to prepare this dish in an oven. In about 45 minutes we take out a baking sheet and slightly we move apart a foil on every portion. Then we send a baking sheet to an oven for 10 minutes.

This tasty meat rabbit dish should be given to a table on a pillow from a green salad.

As promised, of a souffle from chicken a la Pino will be at us the second meat course by New year.

We place a carcass of chicken in the pan suitable by the size. We clean carrots and we cut it on two halves lengthways, we do the same also with a big bulb. In a heated frying pan we drip not enough olive oil and we put cuts our vegetables down. When they slightly are fried thoroughly, we add them to chicken.

Meanwhile we put in a leaf of a leek on a branch of cilantro, a celery and rosemary. We wrap it in a culinary thread and too we send to a pan. We add a two-three of peas of pepper, we fill in water and we put on strong fire. When water begins to boil, fire is diminished, we remove foam, we add salt, bay leaf and we cook a dish not less than one and a half hours under a cover.

We take out the boiled chicken from broth and we separate meat from skin and bones. We put fillet in the blender, we add a half-glass of broth and we begin to shake up. During this process we add 3 yolks, 150 g of cream, 3 tablespoons of flour, salt to weight, it is a little nutmeg, black ground pepper, small polished cheddar cheese. Then we beat egg whites and we mix with a lump. It was necessary to add to bank of tinned mix of carrots and peas and to mix everything.

Then we grease a silicone form with butter and we sprinkle with flour from within. We spread the prepared weight in a form and we put it in the oven warmed to 170 °. Approximately in an hour we disconnect an oven and slightly we slightly open its door. So our chicken dish - a souffle a la Pino, will not fall down and will keep the form.

Now it is necessary to make mushroom sauce. We pour out the mushrooms crushed in the blender in the warmed-up milk or cream, we add a pinch of salt and we hold on a plate about five minutes. We presoak gelatin, we wring out, we add to sauce and we allow it to cool down. When it thickens, we water with it a souffle. We send it to the refrigerator to a nakrytiya of a holiday New Year`s table.