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What is to the lua? Hawaii invites to a feast!

Who does not like to have a rest? And rest in the good company somewhere on warm islands, far from wordly vanity and daily cares? Where it is breathed easily and freely where you forget about everything on light. Where in the warm evening from the ocean the refreshing breeze blows, and the sun falls to the Pacific Ocean. Whether it is paradise?!

At thoughts of Hawaii our consciousness draws such pictures. Millions of tourists come to islands will enjoy good rest, bright paints of the nature and also to visit the Hawaiian feast known for the whole world to a lua.

As everything occurs?

On an entrance to a venue a luaa visitors are met by beautiful girls in skirts from kordilina leaves (a kordilin - the tree having acinaciform green leaves, up to 1 m long and 2-5 cm wide). She puts on everyone on a garland from flowers and treats with the soft tropical drink which is pleasantly satisfying thirst after interesting excursions or rest on the beach.

On tables local delicacies lie: give to drink (do, kneading a bulbous tuber, baked or boiled on couple, in very viscous liquid weight. Water is added to time of a razminaniye and once again before food - for achievement of the necessary consistence which can vary from liquid to pasty), sweet potato (sweet potatoes), a salmon of a lomiloma (a chopped crude salmon dish) and other popular dishes of islanders.

But the most interesting ahead. The smoking earth hillock - that there? Strong and handsome men at whom around hips fabric is wound will help to learn about it to us. They carefully clean leaves and the earth from the smoking hillock and soon pull out the baked pig. On luaa , to everyone the guest gets this main course a good piece of very tasty meat.

the Underground oven

to Yim - so call

an underground oven where ancient Hawaiians prepared various dishes. Except pigs, prepared fish, chickens, sweet potato, roots a container, fruits of a breadfruit tree and different sweets. Products, smaller by the size, sometimes turned in leaves of a kordilina and steamed. Such method called “laulaa“. Process of “kalu“ is literally transferred as “hole“.

Islanders dug out a hole of the necessary sizes. Put firewood on a bottom of a hole. They were displayed around the pole thrust vertically. Then the pole was cleaned and in the formed opening filled the smoldering ashes that the fire inflamed. Then put basalt stones. Then all this was covered with herbs, leaves of a kordelina and banana. Sometimes on stones threw the split banana stalks that the dish did not burn.

Then put a pig and other products and closed a thick layer of leaves. Then covered with a laying from bark of a paper mulberry or a bast mat, wattled of a laukhala, - so that the earth did not get on food. Then covered with earth to detain steam in Yim. That the earth did not dry out, it was sprinkled water. Sometimes to the earth stuck a bamboo and through it added water. On preparations of a pig several hours left.

to Yim today

A nothing changed. Only now a pig take out by means of a wire grid that the food did not collapse. And laying - jute bags. When the dish is ready, begins to a lua . You will never forget this nourishing Hawaiian banquet on which music plays, people sing and dance!