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How to behave in shop? Bases of grocery shopping

there are many different types of tortures and tortures which are applied to themselves by people with an excess weight. It and various diets (kefiric, Kremlin...) both starvation, and torture in a gym, and a vtykaniye of needles in a body, and carrying out currents, and wrappings anything, and “is not after six“. The list can be continued and continued - it is infinite.

Whatever you chose a diet, to the middle of the program you can closer be tired of monotony of the consumed food and want to make the menu more interesting. For the solution of this task it is very important to choose competently products in shop.

The famous nutritionist Lidiya Ionova in the new book “Healthy Habits“ offers several simple rules of grocery shopping.

Rule No. 1: always you go to shop full

it is impossible to be engaged in gastronomic shopping on a hungry stomach At all. In such state you risk to buy products, to put it mildly, very different from healthy. And if you bought them, the probability that you will eat them is very high. Well not to throw out, eventually!

Rule No. 2: attentively read labels

Remember: the most important information on products is written by the most small print. When studying a label pay attention to two main types of information: structure of a product and its nutrition value. As little as possible dyes, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances and other chemistry have to be a part. It is desirable that there were no sugar additives (these are simple carbohydrates which use needs to be minimized), and also wheat flour and fats. Especially availability of vegetable fats as extremely unhealthy palm-oil similar in structure to animal fats often is behind this phrase has to guard you.

Having got acquainted with structure of a product, address its nutrition value. Here we most of all are interested in two indicators - the caloric content and content of fats. Both of them have to be moderate. Take two similar goods (we will tell, two options of muesli), compare them on structure, caloric content and amount of fats and choose that product which is the healthiest.

Rule No. 3: you go to shop with the list or let`s themselves installation buy only healthy products

Is noticed that men and women differently shop. Psychologists explain it with primitive instincts. It is known that in prehistoric times while men chased mammoths, their blessed crept on a lap on the wood, collecting various backs and grasses, carefully separating edible plants from inedible.

From the point of view of production of food since then anything did not change. Men, being by the nature hunters, in the same way behave also in shop: they accurately know that it is necessary for them, find it, buy and leave. And ladies act like primitive collectors: slowly go on trading floors, trying to discover among the wide range of products what most of all will be pleasant to them.

All the matter is that when the woman gets to shop including grocery, she often falls into a trance state when any information with ease gets into a brain. For this reason customers are so easily conducted on any marketing tricks. In addition in a trance state sensibleness of actions decreases, and as a result at the choice of products we are guided not so much by their advantage, how many attractive appearance.

What to do in such situation? There are two main strategy.

First - to go to shop with in advance made list of necessary products and it is strict it to adhere. The main thing that this grocery set was the most various.

The problem is that usually we make purchases that is called on the automatic machine and if got used not to pay attention to any department, then and we continue to ignore it. Therefore attentively survey shop or a supermarket where you usually buy products, glance in all undercover corners, study contents of the most top and lowermost shelves which it is often difficult to reach. Pay special attention to department of dietary products. Very much can be that among the goods presented there will be those which are capable to take the worthy place on your table.

The second strategy does not assume existence of the list. It will suit those for whom it is important to derive pleasure from the process of production of food. You can continue to investigate contents of store shelves, but give yourself accurate installation - to attentively read labels and to put only healthy products in the basket.

In completion of conversation on grocery shopping one more important council - carefully study fruktovo - vegetable department of your shop and find 3-5 new vegetables and fruit which theoretically could be pleasant to you. Buy them, prepare and try. If tasting took place successfully, include these products in the usual diet.