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How to grow rich in the coming year? Both for fun, and seriously

Who do not want to grow rich?! Only question: and in what the wealth consists? Human values are various. And everyone dreams of the. Speak: “To dream not harmfully, harmfully - not to dream!“ What it is necessary to do to grow rich in the coming year? Though one of answers sounds already in the question - to do! Councils, in principle, well-known, but … Council 1

In order that at you were driven all next year by

money, laying a New Year`s table, put the ten-ruble coins polished to gloss under plates. And plateaus let will be with a gold kayomochka.

Council 2 By all means needs to be

in a new dress. And it is even better - and at new clothes!

Council 3

The day before make high-quality clear-out and give away things which you do not use any more. Thereby you will make happy someone and release space, having opened the road to the new cash flows and opportunities!

Council 4 Carry out by

ritual. On the eve of a New Year`s Eve take a sheet of paper, on it a green felt-tip pen write the total amount which you would like to receive / earn in the coming year. Clean a leaf there where nobody except you looks.

5 Draw council with

or paste the pictures which are cut out from magazines of what you want to get next year. Hang up this collage on a wall in the room.

Council 6

On a holiday table let will be 12 dishes, tasty and useful (including vases with fruit). Then all 12 months in your house will be food!

Council 7

Comes year of the Snake. Get an amulet in the form of a snake (or charm / ornament from a coil stone) and you carry it with yourself. Giving to friends such mascot with kind words, you by all means by the principle of “boomerang“ will increase also the riches!

Council 8

Is time to replace a purse? Make to yourself or the relatives such timely gift! Put in it the unchangeable note and say: “The note unchangeable to itself will allure money. In a year it will be increased, will develop, it will be multiplied, in the way will proceed, will make me rich. Word my strong!“ Council 9

Begin with

morning on January 1 with a monetary bathtub. Gather a bathtub, add to it a glass of milk, several drops of oil patchoulis (or any another, pleasant to you) and put 12 coins of 10 rubles. Lie down in a bathtub, having closed eyes and representing as to you from all storonprikhodit, money is flown down. Then steep in water three times. And again visualize an image of cash flows. For strengthening of monetary ritual light a green candle in a bathroom. And after you will leave “magic“ water, be not wiped, let`s moisture dry independently.

Council 10

Allow to give to you one more major advice: wishing on New Year`s Eve to itself money, do not forget also about other spheres of the life. “Wealth“ from the word “God“. Believe in yourself! Not only check, but also trust the world! Strengthen health, improve relationship. And - love! Let the love warm your soul, reveals your best parties and stimulates to development, creativity! Believe if you live, developing, creating, creating - money will come to you as an inevitable consequence!

Council 11 Write to

the list of what you would like to learn, than you would like to be engaged. Points there have to be not less than twelve. And every month in the come year it should be rewritten, correcting! Clear business (we will add mysticism), in a privacy, not at electric lighting, and by candlelight.

Council 12

As often as possible repeat words: “I am a Creator of the wealth and happiness. I attract to myself money and success. I am worthy to be rich, happy, favourite and loving. Happiness in me, in my human qualities, knowledge, abilities and ability!“

Many a true word is spoken in jest. Someone can laugh, and someone will note. The main thing is a spirit for successful and profitable year! Naturally, it is necessary to do for this purpose something that it did not turn out as in a joke...

The beggar prays to God, asks to send him though a little money. Day prays, week, month. And money both was not, and is not present. The poor fellow was upset, reproached the Lord in a fit of temper:

- I pray day and night, and you, My God, also do not want to hear me!

Moisey felt sorry for the poor person most, and he asked for him.

God makes a helpless gesture and speaks:

- You think, I do not want to help it? Let he will make something, at least the lottery ticket will buy! all - we will remember

I: A snake - a mind symbol. Wishing money, itself should wish first of all knowledge, understanding and to be all the year round in senses!