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Whether the year leaving was?

Here also come nearer the most long-awaited holiday of year! A Christmas tree is already decorated and products purchased, gifts to the family are hidden in secluded places, and tangerine aroma soars in apartments. Over the country there are office parties, plates “Hang on doors of restaurants it is closed on special service“, and drunk choral singing under a karaoke reaches from within. Each TV channel invites

for a long time to carry out a New Year`s Eve with it, promising something improbable and unexpected. And what Galkina, Baskov, Kirkorov and the rest can be more improbable and more unexpected than “a blue spark“? Correctly - is more improbable, fortunately or unfortunately, cannot be. And on the other hand, though they also bothered, others - that all the same is not present.

These holiday days it is accepted to sum up the results of last year...

Well, this year, as well as any other, lived in Russia, was heavy. Again widely advertized Doomsday did not take place. And many people, especially from military, hoped for it. They were deceived, and they are forced to celebrate a holiday in uncomfortable conditions. Or in comfortable, but with movement restriction.

The protest movement came to naught. The last “march of millions“ was very similar to an unexpected meeting of three drinking companions. Someone there, however, was arrested, but it already by tradition.

Put three maidens from legendary the punk - fate - groups with the unclear name. One was already let out, however. All three became millionaires, to them raised money the whole world. If money does not plunder, maidens, maybe, will calm down, will cease to sing and will be engaged in education of children. For musical culture loss, of course, small more similar to acquisition, but without them will become somehow quieter and purer. And here it is a pity for children, they them will teach to love the homeland … with

All year the State Duma worked. The word “worked“, probably, too loud and inappropriate, but some laws were adopted there. The coupon of checkup was cancelled, for example. Five hundred people with huge salaries, mudflows gathered, thought and cancelled. Now cigarettes think to cancel. I as the person the smoker, is dissatisfied. The wife, as non-smoking, it is happy. “The Russian society broke up into two parts“ - the most popular phrase of year and as I understood, the main task of the State Duma.

And in general year was good. Yes, stole, but means, still is what to steal. Yes, abused the president - means, in the country there is a president. There were international conflicts - means, our country is still multinational. America to us constantly utters something - means, we are still strong and we are respected. Or are afraid.

Yes, we are strong - only strong people can live in a thirty-degree frost in not heated houses. Only strong people can sit two days in a traffic jam without food and water, at the same time distributing interview. The snow-removing equipment to them did not reach, and TV men came tearing along. And only strong people can watch silently how near their shanty the three-storyed cottage of the simple sergeant of traffic police grows. Or five-floor, but worker of the back of the Russian army. For the strong person the main thing not that near it there lives a thief - the main thing that in soul there lived happiness …

A I at last saw yesterday absolutely happy person. It was without clothes, it was not brushed and unshaven, but he smiled, sang some kind song without words and suggested me to drink. Then the angry woman came and took away this happy person, to him uttering something. I saw it in a bathroom, in a mirror, and, probably, therefore this note turned out not really kind and not really festive. Probably, it is necessary to descend behind champagne. Or to drink beer.

Happy New Year you!