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Inspiration. How to cause it independently?

the Gestalt - therapists consider that the inspiration occurs from - for reorganizations of mental structures, in psychoanalysis an inspiration source - sexual energy, and in reflexology - response to irritants. Anyway, it is the best of all to compare physiology of inspiration to love.

When the inspiration comes, endocrine glands develop fenietilamin (analog of amphetamine without negative consequences) which extends through nervous system and blood circulation and awakes butterflies in a stomach and heart. At the same time feniletilamin not just intoxicates and deprives of time sense, but also increases mental concentration - therefore in love and inspired visit insayta more often.

Certainly, in such enlightened state and physically, and morally long time it is impossible to exist. Danger of inspiration is that feniletilamin can cause accustoming. As there are fans of love to whom for recharge it is vital to feel a shiver in knees, there are also also people, dependent on inspiration, who cannot neither write, nor draw, nor remove without wings behind the back. It psychologists advise to cause inspiration artificially.

There are several ways:

Work with . Tchaikovsky sat down at a piano and began to play, simply to touch keys, and did it somehow long, it did not come yet - inspiration. And it is the truth so. If you do not want to do something - begin to do it. Sit down before a sheet of paper, grind a pencil, rummage on the Internet in information searches.

Think . Load a brain the necessary subject - and the inspiration happens on a threshold of shop or, as usual, in soul. By the way, an equal unostentatious background - the best for inspiration. It loves jogs in parks and trains.

Learn . Inspiration - result of processing by a brain of the obtained information. Communicate as much as possible, read, you look - absorb the world then to return it something ingenious.

Be afraid of . Nothing so inspires how consciousness of the desperate situation, Albert Camus said. In a critical situation the organism will mobilize forces. For this reason someone manages to learn Ancient Greek for one night before examination, to someone - to think up the brilliant speech to a part. Deliver yourself a rigid framework: you sew a dress of dream or do not get on a party.

Trust . You will not believe in success - automatically you will give to an organism passive installation. Your credo has to become “I will be able!“.

Be interested in . Even if hobby tires, all the same do not give up it waiting for a muse: esteem, than others were inspired, you descend in the museum, listen to the inspiring music.

Develop a reflex . Charles Dickens created, sitting the person only on the North, Edgar Poe put legs in cold water, Alexey Tolstoy put a wet rag on the head... You can develop “hooks“: to be engaged in business on a hungry stomach or, on the contrary, in cafe, on a plaid under an elm or hopping lambada... Everyone finds

the inspiration. And to you I wish to find it surely!