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How to become the nobility? Turkic childbirth of Russia of

by the nobility to Become very simple. Change the religion for dominating! “Paris stands a mass“, - one Frenchman used to say, becoming the French king. These words were pronounced in 1593 by the leader of the French Protestants and the king of Navarre Heinrich when to him to receive the French throne, it was necessary to pass from Protestantism into Catholicism. He became the founder of the French royal dynasty of Burbons.

By the way. This rule logically flowed to the godless state what the Soviet Union was. All> nomenclature had to be party . Presently it is Our House - Gazprom or United Russia party members party.

We will address history of my family of Ablesimov (Oblesimov) . There is in the present Ryazan region a town Ring road. In the 16th century it was a part of the Kasimovsky kingdom - Turkic “ghetto“ of Russia for deserters from a horde. There lived Oblesimova`s murza which practised Islam. But it was necessary to be fed, and for this purpose to serve the Moscow sovereign for what to pass into Christianity. As a result in “the list of stolnik, kadomsky landowners and votchinnik which with 7188 (1680 from RH) years are baptized in Christian belief and under the decree of Great Sovereigns and according to diplomas their category is told to be it on service, in it the prince Ivan Vasilyev the son Oblesimov is written“.

Across Moscow in Seigniorial books in 7200 (1692 from RH) “it Ivan Oblesimov is written to year since September 1 under the decree of Great Sovereigns of tsars and Grand Dukes Ioann Alekseevich and Pyotr Alekseevich in stolnik for a baptism in Orthodox Christian belief from Kasimovsky and other cities murz and of Tatars “. On Moscow akal and a sort began to be called as Ablesimova`s . The sort is brought in the VI part of the genealogical book of the Tambov province.

It is necessary to tell that Tatars in the past is not a nationality, but social estate of a military caste of hansky riders. For example, in Ancient Rome there was an exclusive estate riders . Therefore it is correct to speak about Turkic childbirth on the Moscow service, but not Tatar as it is accepted now.

Stolniki were the seventeenth rank (from 45), as ranks existing in the Moscow state since the time of Ivan III to Peter I. At the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich the number of stolnik reached to 500. They gave at an imperial table, “were sent in embassies in ambassadors and with ambassadors in companions, both on voivodeships, and for detective affairs, and of boyars to ask about health ; and others in Moscow sat in arrivals at affairs and at ambassadors in police officers“. Pay attention to a turn of boyars to ask about health. What for? And in order that if someone from the nobility did not come to a feast to the Grand Duke, so or got sick, or forges sedition .

How many noble childbirth of Russia came out from a tyurok? According to some information - over 300. I will call some.

Akchurina - occurs from the prince Akchura Adashev granted by reigning in 1509. It is written down in the VI part of genealogical books of the Penza, Orenburg, Saratov and Ufa provinces.

Diveev - an ancestor of this noble sort is the prince Derbish - a murza Tereberdeevich Diveev. It is brought in the VI part of the genealogical book of the Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg and Tambov provinces.

Engalychev - the ancestor prince Yanglych Bedishev is mentioned in the diploma of 1539. In the diploma of 1580 he is called the prince over tyaldemsky mordvy. This family of Engalychev is brought in I, V and the VI parts of genealogical books Vladimir, Tambov and other provinces.

Isheev - comes from Ishey Barashev`s murza, through his son Iseney - murza. Grandsons of the last Ivan Almakayevich and Ibrahim Aleevich were christened and are granted by stolnik in 1690 - 1692. It is brought in the II part of the genealogical book of the Penza province.

Kudashev - occurs from the prince Kudash reign Akchurina Rodonachalnikom to a younger branch of princes Kudashev there was a grandson Kudasha - Chepay. It is brought in the VI part of the genealogical book of the Kiev and Penza provinces.

Tenishev - occur from temnikovsky Tenish Kugushev`s murza. The sort is brought in V and VI parts of the genealogical book of the Tambov, Kazan and Moscow provinces.

Tyumenev - a sort of the Kalmyk noyn. Rodonachalnikom - Tyumen - Dzhirgalan, the son of an oyratsky noyon Degzhita. It is known since the 16th century. The sort is brought in the VI part of the genealogical book of the Tambov province.

Chaadayev - an old noble family. Chaadayev - from the Turkic nickname Chagatai - brave. The name appears among other Russians in the 15th century, for example, Vasily Chegoday with lands about Murom, perhaps, ancestors are connected with Kazan as here under 1568 Chaadayev Subbota Grigoriev, streletsky the head is marked out. In the nobility Chaadayev are written down in 1621. It is brought in the VI part of the genealogical book of the Moscow province.

Urusova - Urus - a murza, the prince the Nogai, moved to Russia and received in 1600 from the tsar Boris Kasimov in possession with the tsar`s title. From it the Nogai princes of Urusova on service of the Moscow sovereign went. His descendant of a murz Kassim, in sacred baptism Andrey Satyevich`s prince written by Urusov and who became the only successor in Russia of a princely surname. The sort is brought in V and VI parts of genealogical books Moscow and other provinces.

Yusupova - the princely sort occurring from the Nogai governor Yusuf (Yusup). In feeding the town Romanov on the bank of Volga was provided to descendants of the Nogai khan. Some Raman murza of Alexey Mikhaylovich reign hosted in recent years a baptism and were written Yusupovo - Knyazhevo. The sort is written down in the V part of the genealogical book of provinces Oryol, Kursk and Sankt - St. Petersburg.