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At first read an improving complex

Before starting occupations, each exercise, each movement should be mastered brains.
Attention is concentrated on what we do. Simply we pass the coming thoughts as an express train, on one of attention. Eyes if prevent to concentrate, can be closed. Language if it is impossible to work with it as the switch, it is simple to rest against the top sky over teeth at once and to keep in such situation until the end of occupations.

It is better to master a complex gradually, since massage, adding step by step. If you feel that acquired the previous stage completely, i.e. the body does exercises itself one after another even if thoughts get off and is on that desire and time, pass to the following stage, not earlier.

Massage, after development, will take away 7 - 10 min. morning time, and will bring benefit huge. You will feel it in a month of occupations.
the Most important - CONSTANCY. To be engaged constantly, all sense in it. At first it is necessary to force itself, but there comes accustoming soon, and it is good.
Health - concept material, it is necessary to protect while it is.
“Will master the road going“ - GOOD LUCK!!!

(on a basis: a chi kung, thaw - Zi - Quan, acupuncture practice)

of Occupation is occupied: in the morning of 45 - 60 min.; in the evening of 25 - 30 min.

Having got up, having visited a toilet, to sit down on a stool, it is desirable in the certain room that nobody disturbed, it is possible also on a chair, but the back will disturb. Continuous inflow of fresh air therefore the window leaf has to be open is necessary. In a cold season after you make self-massage, it is possible to put on.
the Back direct, legs - stupnyam on a floor, in parallel each other. To put hands palms on knees. To relax, at the same time it is necessary to remember: relaxation and laxity - concepts different. All attention has to be concentrated on those actions which we will make now. All actions are made without the slightest effort - under a body weight of a hand. And so, we will begin:
/mentions of all 12 power channels, prepares for day work all internals /
1a. to put hands on knees, the right hand it is warmed the outer side of the left brush by roundabouts clockwise, and so 10 times;

1b. the right hand, namely Lao`s point - Gong who is located in the center of a palm we warm channels of a hand, for this purpose by a palm it is carried out from below up external part of a forearm, a shoulder, through a shoulder joint we come over to inside and we conduct a palm down to a brush where we come over to the outer side, and so of 10 times.

Then we interchange the position of hands, and we make the same actions with the right hand.
Is passed to the head.
of Action is made by both hands at the same time.
2a. we put thumbs of hands in dimples on a temporal bone opposite to corners of eyes where the point Tong - Zi - Liao is located. We put forefingers in a point in - the thane, over a nose bridge at once. By forefingers it is run over the upper bound of eyebrows from a nose bridge to a temple - 10 times;
2b. without tearing off thumbs from the places, we run forefingers on centuries from a nose to a temple, 10 times on the top and 10 times over lower;
2 of century. We put forefingers in a point in - the thane in the middle of a nose bridge. As if we shade with thumbs a temporal bone from top to down, and from eyes to ears and back. We repeat this action 20 times.
/ This exercise well takes off intra cranial pressure, eliminating a headache/.
3a. palms, with easy pressing, we pound them roundabouts diversely 10 times;
3b. we implant forefingers into auricles and we make them rotary motions in different directions 10 times;
3 of century. fingers, big and index we take an ear antitrestle - the outgrowth closing an entrance to an ear opening, and prishchipyvay its 10 times
3 of prishchipyvay fingers of a lobe of ears and we delay them from the head of 10 times aside;
Big and a forefinger of the right hand prishchipyvay an occipital hillock is so much times, how old are you.
can do This exercise and in the afternoon when there is no wish to do something, and it is necessary - helps, will mobilize internal forces for performance of the task facing you.
Neck. Fingers of hands we run
from top to down over a back surface of a neck, warming thereby direct muscles of a neck. Then we overturn hands and by an external surface of fingers it is carried out from top to down from an occipital hillock to a clavicle, warming thereby oblique muscles. On 10 times both exercises.
is massed by the Right hand left, and left - right on 10 times.
is clockwise carried out by the Right palm of 10 times on the course of a large intestine, i.e. on edge of an abdominal cavity, beginning from a stomach down and further.
of the Leg.
we Impose palms on a coxofemoral joint on both sides and on the outer side of a leg we carry out palms down to an ankle, we transfer on it hands to an internal surface of a leg and we carry out palms up to a groin where we transfer them to a coxofemoral joint and so 10 times.
to Put hands on knees and roundabouts we warm them 10 times.
is closer to an external surface of knees, directly under a cup, forefingers to grope soft dimples. There is du`s point - bi. We impose on them forefingers and by rotary motions it is massed so many time, how old are you.
Then, on du`s points - bi we impose thumbs of hands. Mentally, vertically down, on the outer side of a shin we draw a straight line. On it, approximately, we measure 10 - 12 cm. there is a point to a tsz - San - whether / at hit in a point you will feel under fingers a pea/, we impose on it forefingers and, roundabouts, we mass so many time, how old are you.
of the Foot. the Left foot we shower
on the right knee. An edge of the right palm, with easy pressing, we pound the middle of a sole where there is a point it is young - Quan from the channel of a liver, it is so much times - how old are you, considering at the same time only those movements which are directed from themselves. the Same we make
with the right foot.
With notable pressing we pound brushes, having enclosed one in another as though we wash them until they heat up.
Then to rise, raise hands up, previously having connected them in the lock, to look at them and to stretch.

to sit down on a stool Again, the back direct, to put hands on knees. To concentrate a look and attention on any subject, or a point on a wall in two meters from you. we send Attention to
to the area of an anus. By the vigorous movements it is squeezed and we relax circular muscles of a sphincter, it is so much times, how old are you.
can do This exercise several times during the day, it is good prevention of hemorrhoids and prostatitis at men, and many female diseases since interferes with stagnation of blood in a small pelvis.
1. Top breath.
Breath: the stomach and edges remain motionless, language rests against the top sky over foreteeth, shoulders rise up by four accounts.
the Pause - a breath delay, into three accounts.
Exhaled: language rests against the lower sky, shoulders gradually fall by seven accounts. to Repeat
10 - 16 times.
we Repeat exercise for an anus.
2. Average breath.
Breath: shoulders - on the place, a stomach - on the place. Edges are moved apart in the parties, like an accordion, four accounts.
the Pause - three accounts.
Exhaled: we come back to a starting position, seven accounts. we do not forget
about language. It plays a switch role in an electric chain. to Repeat
10 - 16 times.
we Repeat exercise for an anus.
3. Lower breath (diafragmalny).
Breath: shoulders - on the place, edges - on the place. The stomach is stuck out forward into four accounts.
the Pause - three accounts.
Exhaled: the stomach is gathered in - seven accounts, it is not forgotten about language. to Repeat
10 - 16 times.
we Repeat exercise for an anus.
4. Return breath (diafragmalny).
Breath: shoulders and edges - on the place. The stomach smoothly, with little effort and breakthroughs, is pulled in inside - four accounts.
the Pause - three accounts.
Exhaled: the stomach comes back to a starting position - seven accounts. to Repeat
10 - 16 times.
we Repeat exercise for an anus.
In end is done full breath.
Breath: through a nose, we fill lungs completely, we incorporate as much as possible air.
the Pause - is any.
Exhaled: smoothly, without efforts and breakthroughs, we squeeze out of ourselves all to a last straw. It is important as at the end of an exhalation lungs leave a dark, pathogenic phlegm, all bad that accumulated there in a night. to Repeat
three times.
to Repeat exercise for an anus.
3 - the STAGE.
of the Hand lie on a lap, a back direct. Rotary motions shoulders, slowly, on the maximum amplitude, back - 10 times;
Now forward too 10 times, also slowly, properly to stretch sinews and muscles of a neck, a shoulder and a back.
without tearing off hands from knees, to pull the right shoulder forward how many it is possible, to a limit, then - left. And both shoulders, at first to raise up, then down the maximum amplitude, but without breakthroughs and excess efforts.
to Repeat exercise for an anus.
Is passed to exercise to a press.
Is exercise not only strengthens muscles of an abdominal tension, but also masses all abdominal organs, thereby interfering with stagnation of liquids of a body (blood, a lymph).
I so, hands on a lap, back direct. On a breath we stick out a stomach how many it is possible. Then an exhalation which we divide, conditionally, on three parts. We exhale one part and we hold the breath. The vigorous movements, we stick out a stomach, we clean. And so 30 times. After the thirtieth movement, (we consider only those movements that are sent to themselves), we do an exhalation, up to the end.
the Pause - is any until breath is restored.
we Repeat exercise on an anus.
I so, only 5 repetitions.

4 - STAGE.
Is passed to exercise “Rotation of a pill on a small heavenly circle“.
This exercise from a chi kung, mentions and activates all twelve power channels.
the Small heavenly circle, is two wonderful channels connected together: zadneseredinny - du - May and peredneseredinny zhen - May. From names of channels it is visible that they pass across the middle line of a body behind and in front. A peculiar circle which is called small heavenly turns out. On this circle there are two “switches“: the first - the anus, is weakened, the chain is switched off, is squeezed - the chain is included. And language if it rests over teeth against the top sky: the chain is included, in the lower sky - is switched off.
of the Hand is put on a stomach, is slightly lower than a navel.
Thumbs of hands are set aside aside. At first, men - left, and women - the right palm so that the thumb lay on a navel. The second hand is imposed on the first so that the centers of palms coincided. Thumbs also the finger of the first hand is crossed returned on a navel. In such situation the central points of palms of Lao - Gong will coincide with a point tsikhay which is on 2,5 see below a navel. The point tsikhay is the central point lower a tribute - Tian or “the lower sea of energy“. It is better to close eyes that nothing distracted from the events. To concentrate all attention in a point tsikhay. But not on a surface of a belly wall, and from within. To create there a pill from energy. If it is enough to concentrate, then you will see it in the form of the pea which is poured white, blue and pink in the flowers or will just feel hands.
we Close a chain, i.e. we squeeze an anus, language in a mouth - in the top situation.
we Take a breath. we carry At the same time mentally out by
a pill from a point tsikhay through an anus on a backbone on a back up, then on the average line of the head to a dimple on a chin under a lower lip of a point Cheng - Jian. we Do to
an exhalation.
At the same time we lower a pill from a point Cheng - Jian in a point tsikhay. to Repeat
8 - 10 times. we do to
For fixing of result the lower breath 3 times.
it is necessary to rise Now and to stretch properly.
5 - the STAGE.
Remained two exercises “opened and closed“. We do exercises smoothly without breakthroughs and slowly. We focus attention in the field of a point tsikhay, (2,5 cm under a navel).
we Accept a rack “standing by a column“: to rise directly, legs at shoulder length, a foot in parallel each other. Hands and shoulders are lowered. To present itself a Christmas tree decoration which for the top was hung up on a tree. Language in situation “is included“.
Into the account of “times“:
we Take a breath.
Hands is raised to the level of nipples. Polusognuta hands, such opened ring, palms are turned down, fingers are directed towards each other, distance between them - palm width.
Along with it we squat, not deeply, only to situation when knees appear over toes.
Into the account “two“: we Do to
an exhalation.
we Get up directly: we straighten knees, slowly we lower elbows down, palms turn to each other and fall a little down. We concentrate attention on Lao`s points - Gong, in the center of a palm. Between palms you will feel tension as if there the tennis ball is clamped. to Repeat
8 - 10 times.
Direct diafragmalny breath - 8 times.
Starting position: a rack “standing by a column“, legs at shoulder length, a foot in parallel, knees are slightly bent, hands are weakened, lowered down.
Into the account of “times“:
we Take a breath.
of the Hand is bent in an elbow, palms are directed towards each other, distance between them palm width. In such situation we lift them to point level tsikhay.
Into the account “two“: we Do to
an exhalation.
of the Palm is developed outside and we part hands in the parties on distance of 10 cm from hips. Here we develop palms and we lower in a starting position. to Repeat
8 - 10 times.
Direct diafragmalny breath - 3 times.

The morning complex is finished. We pass to water procedures and a breakfast.

the Evening complex is relaxation exercises, after long hard day.
Takes 25 - 30 min. Time.
its Main objective - preparation of an organism for the full-fledged, improving dream.
All exercises are taken from a morning complex, only slightly changed.
we Sit down on a stool. The back is direct. To put hands on knees. The body is relaxed. Breath - is any. We focus attention on what at present we do.

Exercise for an anus mixed up with stomach exercises from a morning complex - on 5 times.
Rotation of a pill on “a small heavenly circle“ - 8 - 10 times.
without rising from a stool, sitting, we do two exercises “opened and closed“ on 8 - 10 times everyone. Instead of legs, in the first exercise, language works: up, down.
Direct diafragmalny breath - 3 times.
Now: a toilet, water procedures also do not forget to wish yourself “good night“ and kind tomorrow: everything will be OK.