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Why to read to the child the same fairy tale?

“Mother, read me “Kolobok“ … For the 100-th time … For today … Well who did not hear these requests to read the favourite aunty`s book again and again?

Ya in due time when still read to the oldest daughter, always tried to dissuade her from this invention and persistently suggested to read the new book, we have them much also all interesting. I considered that it is much more useful to learn new information, to read as much as possible that the child grew and developed, as they say, not on days, and on hours.

What there was my surprise when once in a garden, at the stand with information for parents, I read article that it is useful for children to read their favourite fairy tales several times. It appears, I did everything incorrectly, but not late was to improve that I also made.

Therefore if you want that reading fairy tales brought to your kid the maximum result and promoted its intellectual and emotional development more effectively, read further and you learn that …

If your kid asks to read the same book again and again - it is very good. It means that this book got a response somewhere in soul of the baby and completely corresponds to its present emotional state, so to speak, entered a resonance with the kid. It also demonstrates that the book is completely understood and accepted by the kid that there is no obscure or misunderstood moment left, frightening or repellent elements.

For certain, you have favourite books or movies which you read or watched on hundred times and are ready to repeat it as much again. So why we do not want to recognize for the as the kid of the right for the same?

The fact that the kid knows beforehand, than history will end, forms in his consciousness confidence in the future and in its positive result, i.e. he will be sure that without looking on any difficulties, everything will be good. Who will argue with the fact that the optimist to be more cheerful and more productive, than the pessimist? Thus, losing the same scenario several times, the kid strongly acquires thought that desperate situations do not happen and that even if you were eaten - you all the same have two exits … to

When you read to the kid the fairy tale - he is in the world of the imaginations, empathizes the hero, loses emotionally all his adventures, i.e. experiences the mass of emotions, every time these emotions become more perfect. Do not forget that the nervous system of the kid was not up to the end created and he needs much more time “to issue“ and accept the feelings, emotions. So, on a brick putting the feelings to heroes of the favourite fairy tale, the kid will receive in the “vital kopilochka“ of several created emotions.

Use repeated reading for development of the speech of the kid. In - the first, continuous repetition of the same words perfectly fills up a lexicon of the kid, and in - the second, reading the book every time differently, you promote development of the better speech of the child per se.

What means “differently“? After you read the book with expression few times and were convinced that the sense is completely understood by the child, read the same fairy tale a little quicker, then even quicker etc., reaching rate of a tongue twister - so you teach the kid to perceive information on hearing and in different variations. One more mode of work with the book is periodically to stop and ask the kid about what will be farther. It not only excellent way of working off of practical skills of informal conversation, but also memory training.

Use repeated reading for development of imagination and creative thinking of the kid. Having read up till a certain moment, ask the child to think up continuation. Compose together with it the fairy tale. And this way can be applied with success several times: at first let the baby will think up other end, then stop reading slightly earlier and think up a little more etc. Perhaps, the kid will like this game and he will begin to compose the fairy tale after the words “Once upon a time there were …“.

Well and of course, mode of work already familiar to you with the book is a discussion of pictures. Let the kid will tell that or who is drawn that he does to what episode of the fairy tale this illustration belongs. Pictures can also be used for the composition of the fairy tale.

Unfortunately, all this that I remember from that article … But even it is quite enough in order that boring reading “Kolobok“ for the 100-th time for turned into a fascinating and useful occupation today.

I wish you pleasant reading and creative achievements to your kid!