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Solomonov court. What was actually defined by the tsar Solomon?

Are such popular expression - Solomonov court. It is sometimes used still - solomonovo the decision. Of course, at first we watch the dictionary of phraseological units...

Solomonovo decision: about the witty, unexpected solution of business, a dexterous exit from a difficult situation.

The phraseological unit “Solomon`s Court“ - is used in value: court wise and fast. It is based on the bible myth. we Read to

the myth:

17 I one woman told: oh, my master! I and this woman we live in one house; and I gave rise at it in this house;

19 the son of this woman at night because she zaspat him also died;

21 morning I got up to feed my son, and here, he was a dead; and when I peered at it in the morning, it was not my son to whom I gave birth.

22 I other woman told: no, my son living, and your son dead. And that spoke to it: no, your son dead, and my live. Also they spoke so before the tsar.

24 I the tsar told: give me a sword. Also brought a sword to the tsar.

25 I the tsar told: you rassekit the living child in two and give a half of one and a half another.

26 I that woman whom the son was live answered, I reign because her all interior with pity to the son was excited: oh, my master! give it this child live and do not destroy him. And another spoke: let will not be to either me, or you, you cut.

27 I the tsar answered and told: give this the living child, and do not destroy him: she is his mother.

The most primitive representatives of the ancient people did not understand at all - that it was?

“at this decision all people secretly laughed at the tsar who allegedly arrived in this case absolutely childly“ (Iosif Flavy).

It is excellent this ultra - the naive point of view was pictured by Mark Twain in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn“. Conversation of Gek and the runaway slave Jim:

- I do not believe that he was a wise man. It arrived sometimes absolutely silly. You remember how he ordered to split the baby in half?

- Well, the widow about it told me.

- Here - here! You will think up nothing more silly! I ask you: where the dollar half is good? On it you will buy nothing. And for what a half of the child suits? Yes I and for one million halves would give nothing.

- Well, Jim, you did not understand at all in what you an essence, it - god, did not understand.

- And well its, your essence! The essence is in what habits at this Solomon. Take, for example, the person who has only one child or two, - really such person will begin children to rush? No, will not become, it is not able to afford it to itself(himself). He knows that children should be valued. And if at it five million children run on all house, then, of course, another matter. To it all the same that baby to split in two that a kitten. All the same will remain much. Mark Twain, as always, is brilliant, easy and at the same time wise

, is ironic and cheerful. The poor creature Jim did not understand the tsar Solomon absolutely. He thought at the most primitive level, and believed that the tsar really was going to distribute to women on a half of the baby. But also in traditional interpretation - Solomon quickly and effectively defined who the real mother - is not brightened things. Why he did not ask, for example, fathers of these children? Perhaps, fathers could define where whose child, more objectively. Well not fathers (it is unknown whether men are capable to distinguish two newborns), so other witnesses. Not they lived in emptiness, around there were people. But he did not make it, and did not even try, and reacted as reacted - provocation. And at once received the answer. But on what question? whether Precisely on the question “whose child“?

Here not.

Solomon in general did not try to define in any way which of women - biological mother. Not it interested him. As the legendary fair judge, he had to find out not it - and that, with whom will be better for the child . To Solomon, though he also lived in rather barbarous and not humanistic times 3500 years ago, it was important who will better take care of the child. He could request certificates of financial position and the size of a living space whether in the correct belief they are going to bring up it, to fill on women of crowd of copyists and officials who would find out for months - who should award the child...

But he found out it brilliantly and immediately: one woman cared first of all for the child`s life, and the second - for winning dispute . And it did not depend at all on that whose it was actually. It also defined this: child`s benefit.

It must be assumed that it did the child good and he got to careful mother instead of the heartless scandalous debater who was ready to offer his life - if only someone did not get him to another.