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How we will meet year of the Snake? Cheerfully!

If someone from readers was attentive, looking through profiles of authors, then could pay attention that your obedient the servant belongs to noble family of snakes which year of board begins in 2013. As they say, me and cards in hands.

Especially as none of acquaintances were never mistaken in definition of my sign according to east calendar. What to explain it with, I do not know, but in this respect I have only one version: most likely, under other signs I do not approach at all.

But there will be enough words, keep to the point. My year - in what , where and how I need to celebrate this holiday? Skilled Internet surfers, and also astrologers knowing everything advise in a year of the Snake to put on elegantly, smartly, expensively . It is desirable that the dress was smooth, fitting, and reminded snakeskin drawing. It is better if a dress it is dark - blue or green color.

Snakes besides, it appears, love jewelry, especially diamonds (taste isn`t bad at snakes) and other jewels. The jewelry, the better is more refined. The following council very much was pleasant to me: “Also silver - quality is not alien to the creeping beauty“. It is interesting if I decorate myself with silver forks from an ancient set, it will be quality silver?
Most likely, my cheap silver ear rings not for “A royal cobra“. Alas.

I do not know how at you with finance, but I am a modest pensioner of the Russian scale (was about to tell flood - in time bethought) and “expensively“ at once I reject as our favourite government, unfortunately, did not allocate an additive to pension for such case. Let`s manage the words “elegantly and smartly“ … Ran to look old smartly - elegant clothes. Necessity is the mother of invention. I brag - the dress will be sparkling as a New Year tree, the benefit the broken Christmas tree decorations remained. “Snake motives and modulations“ in my prikid will remain for a long time in memory of guests. If only not to be cut.

We decided on clothes: there comes time for reflection. Where to celebrate year of the Black Water Snake? In this respect all experts on east calendar are unanimous: the place has to be silent, quiet and it is desirable with a reservoir . As a reservoir the pool is offered. Snakes do not love big open spaces, and besides do not transfer sharp changes. There are mollycoddles!

“And a star are advised to meet year of the Water Snake in a comfortable house situation, in a narrow circle of the family or close friends. The special chic is considered if near the house there is a small pond or the small river, but in city scales can approach and the pool“ - it expression is quoted from the website in the website. And what for a star gives such advice? Only deserved Stars have pools in city scales so far.
Not the simple question to arrange in a five-storey apartment block - the pool moreover on the fifth floor: - neighbors will be delighted!

The following council is even more interesting: The snake - that, appears, not only Water, but also
Fiery. It is desirable to have in that case also a fireplace.
“As is paradoxical, a space element of the Snake is Fire therefore the fireplace in the house can become quite good decoration of a New Year`s banquet too“.

A problem not for morons - what to think up as a fireplace? I will not apply mind. Long ago did not please the dear neighbors, and here both the pool, and sparks from a fireplace, for a long time they will remember year of the Snake...

The last council the easiest for any real Russian: how to celebrate year of the Snake? I think everything will agree that it is not worse, than year of the Rabbit, Dragon or Pig. Since a congratulation of the President and finishing in a plate with the Russian salad salad made in the form of a snake.

And if it is serious, unimportant in what where and as. The main thing - is cheerful, fine and with all the heart! Be happy everything! With coming New year!
Is sincere your Snake.