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Where there live wizards?

When I in the childhood read fairy tales, sincerely believed that kind wizards really exist that they live somewhere among us, just we cannot see them. But we can make some wish, and it will surely be executed. And was …

Having matured, I, of course, guessed that all magic around me - it was work of those people who very strongly loved me. And now I want to state them words of gratitude for the fantastic childhood. My childhood irrevocably left, and here the belief in miracles remained. And the eve of New year is the most suitable time for miracles so we now with you will move off in searches of the real wizard capable to grant any desires. What we for this purpose need to make?

1. To believe in a miracle.

Main rule of miracles: “Miracles happen to those who trust in them! “ For a start it is necessary to rummage in memory and to remember at least one some improbable case from the life which was really similar to a miracle. For certain to this event there is a logical explanation, but just you at that time did not begin to go into details and apprehended it as given from above.

Reflect on a subject: “That such miracle personally for me“. Find for studying of miracles some time. At desire it is possible to find a set of information on what wonderful events happened at other people. Do not forget to dream even if about the most improbable. Imaginations is very useful exercise for attraction of miracles in the life.

Talk about miracles to children. All children trust in miracles therefore they are the most important experts in this question. To them every day there is a lot of all magic what they with pleasure will tell you about. Try to catch literally from them this indisputable belief in a miracle.

Miracles happen different: big and small, simple and difficult, improbable and the most ordinary. Try to notice even the most, at first sight, imperceptible wonderful events which happen to you. It is possible even to get a notebook and to write down them there, and in a weekend to re-read and be surprised how there is a lot of unusual to you it happened. And thus gradually you will begin to attract even the most improbable miracles in the life.

2. To think up to itself the wizard.

Try to think up the fairy tale in which the wizard grants all your desires. Pay special attention to an image. Think over as it is possible in more detail as it has to look, the man it or the woman what color his hair what dress, what age etc. Write down your fairy tale and let`s read it somebody on your discretion. For certain in your environment there will be the real wizard who with pleasure will execute some of your desires or maybe even all at once. However, such way is good only for material desires, and as for abstract, here it is a little more difficult.

Execution of what for money you will not buy will require carrying out special ritual. Despite New Year`s vanity, try to find the place where nobody would disturb you and it was possible to stay some time alone with himself and the desires. Create a magic situation in this place: light fragrant candles, turn on the corresponding music, it is possible to drink a little wine etc. Accept a convenient pose, it is better to close eyes, make a deep breath, then exhaled and start ritual.

Mentally call the wizard. Let your imagination will draw its image which was described in the fairy tale. Try to direct it: ask by an internal voice that it waved to you with a hand or smiled. Now, when communication between you and the wizard is adjusted, think up to him a name which, in your opinion, most of all suits it.

Then begin conversation: greet the wizard, thank for the fact that he agreed with you to meet, accurately formulate the desires, wait for his blessing, then say goodbye and send it to the future. At the end of ritual make a deep breath and an exhalation again and open eyes. Now your desires if you trust in miracles, will surely come true!

3. Most to become the wizard. Can live and wait for

, of course, that the miracle will occur by itself or someone will create it for you, but it is possible also most to become the wizard and to work real miracles. It is possible to begin with the simplest - from your smile or the kind word. Sometimes in time the told phrase, can present to the person hope, prompt a right course of life, warm someone`s frozen heart.

And it is not obligatory at all “to sew scarlet sails“. By miracle there can be any business granting someone`s desire raising pleasure and a smile, giving happiness. Try to make something good, kind, magic. Begin with the family and when you feel the full wizard, begin to work wonders and for absolutely strangers. The wizard not to be difficult! Magic already lives in us because the miracle is we.

You do not stint miracles and you give happiness to people. And then the world will become better and kinder. And from a small miracle will arise big and fine - the Love miracle!