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New Year`s signs. What should not be done?

New year - not that holiday safely to wave a hand on signs and superstitions and to make everything voluntarily and to a discretion. Big uncles and aunts as small children, blindly believe in cautions and observe a heap necessary and not absolutely necessary ceremonies and traditions. In total only with one purpose - it would come, happiness, at last, though in the coming year!

I even if not always turns out to make what is necessary. It is important not to make what is not necessary. Not to do much harm to itself and not to frighten off the future good luck.

National beliefs are how fair and right, it is difficult to argue and there are no need, probably. If all this came from time immemorial and was not lost in time, it is necessary to accept not mind, and heart to what strange it would not seem. In today`s world of a sign find new sense and do not seem such ridiculous and senseless.

The New Year`s casket of national knowledge is rich with special New Year`s councils what you should not do both on December 31, and on January 1.

Here only some of them:

• It is impossible to meet New year with debts or empty pockets.

• It is impossible in anticipation of New year and right after its approach to work (to wash, erase, clean up).

• It is impossible to take out garbage on New Year`s Eve.

• It is impossible to meet New year in the untidy apartment.

• It is impossible to sew buttons in New year.

• It is impossible to repair and buy on December 31 or on January 1 footwear.

• It is impossible to throw out old clothes and footwear before New year.

• It is impossible to swear and shout on New Year`s Eve.

• It is impossible to meet New year alone.

• It is impossible that the New Year`s table was empty.

• It is impossible to cut fingers in a food preparation time.

• It is impossible that at a table there were one women.

• It is impossible to beat ware.

• It is impossible to break something.

• It is impossible to pin up on itself pins.

• It is impossible to cut hair and nails on New Year`s Eve.

• It is impossible to wash the head on New Year`s Eve.

• It is impossible to meet New year in old clothes.

• It is impossible to put on black.

• It is impossible to give books.

• It is necessary to spend old year.

• It is impossible for the first in New year into the house to let the woman.

• It is impossible to sing loudly songs at a table.

• It is impossible to use foul language.

• It is necessary to make a wish under peal of bells.

• It is impossible to make the wishes beginning with “not …“.

• It is impossible to tell someone about the made wish.

• It is impossible to throw out a fir-tree right after approach of New year.

• It is impossible to extinguish New Year`s candles and to throw out not burned down.

• It is impossible to regret for the expiring year.

• It is necessary to kiss relatives.

• It is necessary to present gifts.

• It is impossible to cry and long under a ring of a chiming clock.

• And the most important - should meet New year !

To adhere to these councils or not, solve.

Perhaps, you will choose something suitable from all list for yourself, and it will help you to be a little happier in New year.

The choice of the correct decision comes with experience, and experience usually is born only after the wrong choice.

Perhaps, the New Year`s holiday would not be for us so fantastic and mysterious if we did not pin the illusive hopes on it. And when cease to trust in miracles, miracles simply die.

All with coming New year! Good luck and happiness!