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Whether it was possible to pass a self-locking device across the USSR through in 1974? There are no

. I will specify, it is about travel by passing cars from Leningrad to the Far East. Highways came to an end at Chernyshevsk in the Chita region.

In 1974 we five people (four students and one graduate student) decided to see the country cheap. It was possible to make it in one way - a self-locking device. It is a trip by passing cars free of charge. Money goes only for food . However, that we do not pay money it is necessary to warn the driver in advance - in order to avoid troubles. I infected with this idea the wife, then the student of the Leningrad institute of exact mechanics and optics and three of her fellow students. And where to go? The country our the width, therefore only on the East. Before I was in the Far East to construction crews and knew that money for a way back can be earned quickly on whale Putin in the Lower Amur.

Also went. Two couples. The first - spouses Ania and Yura Egorov, the second - my wife Liouba Ablesimova and her girlfriend Nadia Kostenko. I finished one as more skilled to monitor a situation on the road and nobody to lose. Met on crossing of the route and the planned river on the bridge through 300 - 350 km. It seemed the most reliable point of collecting on spending the night. I already knew from the previous travel that the average speed of movement on the road, including a waiting time of cars, makes 36 km/h.

What drivers take on such travel? Generally two grades. First those simply it is boring for whom to go alone to a long distance. It is necessary to talk to them all the time. The second - it is simple goofs in good sense of this word. To them all the same, but also it is interesting - where kids in construction crew jackets gathered. To the Urals everyone took on average 20 - aya the car, in Siberia - everyone 10 - aya.

It is safe to move in couples. Spent the night in tents, in the morning and prepared food on a fire in the evening, and had a bite in zayeshka in the afternoon (dining rooms, snack bars on the route - it is quite cheap and qualitative). To Baikal we overcame 6000 km in 16 days with stops. Replaced on average 40 lorries. Automobile then were luxury goods and did not take fellow travelers. Highways came to an end in the Chita region therefore from Selenginsk Khabarovsk reached by train. From Khabarovsk to Nikolaevsk - on - Cupid - motor ship.

Only in this road we understood that Russia, is generally located beyond the Urals. Its geographical center is on a meridian to the north of Krasnoyarsk - it is 5000 km from Leningrad. In Chnyrrakh on the bank of Amur Liman we salted three weeks a Siberian salmon on a fish factory. Earned 170 rub. It was enough for the return Nikolaevsk plane - on - Amur - Leningrad.

Meetings with people, talk, landscapes, a Siberian salmon, caviar made such impression that stories about it lead to effect of “the opened mitten“ still. One more result. After the end of study we after study went to work with the wife to Khabarovsk where worked in various organizations of 30 years. As I joke: - And for a bigger crime give smaller term.

In 1999 we decided to note the travel twenty-fifth anniversary back - from Khabarovsk to St. Petersburg, but already together. The wife told: - If we do not collapse, then we will reach . After all to us was for 50 years. Here already similarity of the road Khabarovsk appeared - Chita and 10500 kilometers we overcame in 18 days with stops. One essential difference - generally passenger cars and minibuses (from 72 cars 55 were lungs - comfort more) began to take. Trucks were afraid of a robbery. Loaded long-distance truck drivers did not take at all, and empty there were 17. For the rest the same. Of course, the steam of cars sharply increased that facilitated landing.

Still a self-locking device the cheapest way to see the country and to recognize her people. Very much I recommend. But council - such road only those to whom “under each bush will master both a table, and the house“. I do not recommend to the rest - you namuchatsya.