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“Last summer in Chulimsk“ - one of the best performances in Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre?

Having looked at the performance “Last Summer in Chulimsk“ in Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, I understood that it is, perhaps, one of the best performances in repertoire of theater. Why? I think, each viewer will be able to answer this question itself, skhodiv in Moscow Art Theatre. I will write the story about how decided that it is necessary to go on a performance, and was not mistaken. the acquaintance to works of the talented theatrical director and the film actor Sergey Puskepalis I began

with the movie “As I Carried Out This Summer“. Alexey Popogrebsky`s picture at once was included in the list of favourite movies, including thanks to Sergey Puskepalis`s game. There was in his hero something truly man`s, fair, wise, strong, tutorial in relation to Grigory Dobrygin`s hero (Pasha) that hooked and does not release still. Puskepalis`s game was estimated at the Berlin Film Festival where the actor received the Golden Bear.

After “As I carried out this summer“ I watched the remarkable movie “Simple Things“ with Sergey in a leading role. Recently hands reached also a fine picture “Siberia. Monamur“ with Puskepalis in one of roles … Once I even got out to the cinema House where there took place the meeting with Sergey within the Saint Anne festival. At this meeting the actor and the director told the phrase which lodged in the head, thanks to its accuracy, absolute for me: “Art relieves of fear“. Then I learned that Sergey Puskepalis not only the film actor, but also the theatrical director. After that it was necessary to go to his “House“ to Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, a performance according to Evgeny Grishkovets`s play and Anna Matison! It was one of premier displays therefore the director even stepped on the stage, modestly, but cheerfully smiling. The performance was pleasant to me.

As for Alexander Vampilov, really I began to get acquainted with his creativity thanks to the movie “Holiday in September“ with Oleg Dahl in a leading role. The movie on Vampilov`s play “Duck hunting“, apparently, sad, gloomy, impregnated with a hopelessness, left light impression after viewing. In me the desire to read all Vampilov, to re-read plays, already a little familiar from school, to get acquainted with those his works which I did not know yet ripened. Generally, Vampilov went easily, and many works very much were pleasant to me. Yes, it is valid, they were often filled with a hopelessness, but in them there was an irony and some hope that in people everything is something good remains. And still it seemed that these works out of time: stories which happen to Vampilov`s heroes were, is and will be.

It is not surprising that when in Moscow Art Theatre the performance according to Vampilov`s play “Last summer in Chulimsk“ appeared, put by Sergey Puskepalis, it became clear to me at once that it is necessary to go... The performance was excellent! Did not surprise me that the hall was full. Perhaps, not all are familiar with Sergey Puskepalis`s creativity, perhaps, not all read Vampilov`s play, not in the poster of theater the performance on the Small scene where, apparently, plays not so many best-known actors of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre could attract everyone. But I think, the national rumor about as far as statement is good, very quickly scattered among theater-goers, and then and among their acquaintances.

The small hall gave feeling that you are in the play, original scenery with water on a scene had to the place, all actors played remarkably (especially Nina Guseva - beautiful Valentina!) music (“Teryam teryary there to terye“ and Piekha with “… so desperately I love that without you I cannot live and day“) reminded about “Well wait a moment!“ also contributed the necessary share of humour. As for contents of the play, it and about search of love, and about, perhaps, naive hopes for the better future, and about justice, more precisely, about its absence, and about loss by the person of … Generally, the play about life of ordinary people of different age, with different characters, about their emotions, experiences and problems close, likely, to everyone.

So why it is worth descending on this performance? In - the first because Alexander Vampilov wrote the fine play. In - the second because in theater it was put by talented Sergey Puskepalis. In - the third, from - for excellent acting. Thanks to all this “history of last summer“ in Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre definitely was successful!