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Whether it is possible to give sushi to children?

On zhensko - mamsky forums constantly flash verbal sparrings on “Give to the Child Sushi or not?“ and you for yourself already resolved this issue? Aside all the same not to stand even if in a family sushi are not eaten. Not from the, so from strangers the child learns about them and will want to try. How to react?

A how to be when it is only allowed to child to watch hungry eyes how parents eat some unknown to it a yum-yum? Or it is not necessary to create such problem for himself and the children from this Japanese dish at all? “Crude fish? Nothing, let the young organism becomes tempered!“

Let`s classify information on sushi. And let everyone for himself will solve: sushi for his child - it is good or bad ?

Here such the abracadabra from Pros and cons turned out...

1. Harmful and useful products in sushi

sushi contain vitamins, minerals and proteins in a digestible form.

But: Many ingredients of sushi are not useful to

and are even hazardous to health of children.

Crude fish can cause:

- diarrhea;
- poisoning;
- helminthosis (infection with worms).

In seafood it is a lot of mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

Ginger and wasabi, soy sauce, squids, smoked fish, crabsticks - not the most useful products for the child. And shrimps can become the allergy reason.

But tasty kinds of sushi from products, safe and useful to the child, exist:

- hot sushi;
- sushi with salty fish;
- sushi with vegetables;
- sweet sushi.

2. Well and badly cooked sushi Even the most harmless dish at us can be prepared for

without observance sanitarno - hygienic norms and to become deadly.


Always an opportunity to order sushi in well proved place is.

Especially, the good public caterings offering on an equal basis with the adult and the children`s menu become more and more. And sushi for children in such institutions long ago norm.

Besides, it is possible to cook sushi for the child easily and at home.

the Benefit, on the Internet and bookstores recipes of such vkusnyashka already began to appear. And having understood the principle of sushi, it is possible to begin to improvise, every time surprising and pleasing the child.

To the child it is not so important, how precisely we observed the recipe of the traditional Japanese sushi. The main thing that it was tasty and similar to what is eaten by the others. Most likely, even sushi cooked especially for them will be to the taste to children more.

3. Whims and pleasure of the child concerning sushi

we Will remember ourselves small when we something, all the rest available, were forbidden by adults. Whether well it was offensive?

Also we need the conflicts with the child from scratch? The spoiled mood etc.?

Let sushi one more bridge between us and children will become better.

Let better the child will tell friends what remarkable mother at it - cooks to it such tasty and useful sushi.

I in general...

In sushi for children there is so much advantage

… if to look!

Here it is offhand a little plus from addition of this Japanese dish in the child`s diet.

If the child does not eat rice porridge, then he can fall in love with rice in sushi.

can cook Amusing sushi together with the child. For children it both communication, and development, and familiarizing with household chores, etc. And what else is necessary for our parental happiness?

Feeding the child of sushi, it is possible to acquaint it with the Japanese culture unostentatiously. Especially creative parents will not miss an opportunity to arrange some dramatized “Dinner of Samurais“ with the invitation of guests.

generally if to understand a problem “Sushi and children“ , she herself will decide. Not Pro and not Contra sushi in general in a children`s diet, but only Pro safe, tasty and useful sushi for our children!