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“You want to change the world - begin with yourself“

with All hi! My life was changed for a long time. And, probably, to each of you so it happened that you do not know whom to you to become what to do. Here and I have such period in life now. I do not know whom I want to be, where to work. The only thing that I know, since the childhood it in what university I, I want. At school I had only 1 year. And I here think whom I want to be that to do to me in life. When that I heard the phrase “I do not want to go on the life which is not noticed“ here and I do not want. Now I understand that I mature and that to me, it becomes terrible. But how to be? In what the solution of this problem is asked by you?! Yes, devil take it, I also do not know. Every day I am surrounded by people, and they do different acts. Presently in the world the chaos is created. One of the most actual problems it is fights between girls now. Only yesterday my friend fought with girls. Faugh actually it is awful. Girl same future wife, mother. How the girl can fight? And presently it became very popular and fashionable. About each fight they can talk for hours, and then plan something like that again. It becomes fashionable, probably, only for silly. How many in the little girl has to be patsansky habits that to do it. It is clear business sometimes it is necessary to take a walk well, but not to fight with everyone and to expose itself the silly woman. Lately it does not even bring guys into shock, they react to it as on entertainment. Boys already say that “little girls already more abruptly us begin to understand among themselves“. Unless it is not horror? And they, are proud of this phrase as though the guy, told that it beautiful or clever. Perhaps of course, I old-fashioned though to me only 16 I just do not understand it. Also I consider that just it is better to take a walk well without fights. And it is always necessary to remain itself, to look not really beautiful the boy on public. Why we put on masks? Or you really think that fights between little girls it abruptly? Personally I consider it as totally ludicrous. Each of us will find himself and not who should not hide behind this mask. It is always necessary to be itself. Will stand out from the crowd well, but if you are allocated with something good. And who needs worthless glory? Now many put on at each other labels. Why they to us. All are divided into groups. And what you receive from it? You know it how biologists will not be communicates with chemists. And what they as a result will receive? More simply when people help and support each other. In each of us there lives the talent, it needs to be opened. So open your talents. You are necessary to the world, and the world is necessary to you. As spoke to Gandhi: “you want to change the world - begin with yourself“. And so children you open, become yourself. You cool and really abrupt. And so children you open, become yourself. You cool and really abrupt. And in addition I want to congratulate you with coming New Year. I wish you to reveal and achieve progress this year. Begin to draw, sing, dance, do all a holiday. Let in New year you be waited by interesting events and the snake will bring you that what you are worthy also what is really necessary for you. Fulfillments of desires. A miracle to your houses!!! Good luck to you!!!